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Use DALI Speakers and Subwoofers to Listen to Music, Watch Movies, and More

DALI speakers and subwoofers are designed in various styles, and many options can be placed in common areas. These speakers produce bold sounds because they're designed with professional-grade audio components that generate vibrant bass and treble effects. Find the right DALI speaker for you on eBay.

What are the main DALI audio product design options?

The DALI brand manufactures a variety of speakers with unique design elements. Each product type provides different advantages during listening sessions. The following options are the main speaker product types by the DALI brand:

  • Bookshelf - This speaker is compact and is usually manufactured as a set. DALI offers bookshelf speakers for stereo systems and home theater equipment.
  • Center channel - A DALI audio center channel speaker is a product that supports general surround sound audio formats. When this speaker is placed behind or in the center of a television screen, the audio hardware produces noise that sounds like it's projecting from the screen.
  • Floor-standing tower - Tower speakers are tall and are used with surround sound equipment. DALI offers tower speaker products with woofers and tweeters.
  • Subwoofer - DALI subwoofer products transmit low-pitched sounds. A subwoofer can enhance music that has deep bass sounds.
What are the connectivity options for DALI speakers?

The main connectivity options are wireless and wired. If you don't want to run wires along walls to connect DALI speakers to a sound system, you need speakers that are designed with Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth hardware eliminates cords by transmitting a wireless signal in a specific frequency range. Wired speakers have cords that connect to audio equipment. The process of moving connected speakers to different spots is never a hassle as DALI designs wired speakers with fairly long cords.

What are the configuration options for DALI active speakers?

Each speaker configuration option, found on eBay, provides a different listening experience. Sound intensities and feedback are influenced by the speaker configuration because the arrangement impacts where sound travels in a space. DALI provides the following speaker configurations:

  • Single speaker
  • 2.0 speaker system
  • 3.0 speaker system
  • 5.0 speaker system
What are the audio input options for DALI speakers?

On the back of a variety of DALI speaker types, you'll find ports for a banana jack and a raw cable jack. Both ports help DALI speakers produce crisp sounds that are high and low. Thanks to each jack's firm grip, cables don't easily disconnect after they're connected to a speaker.