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DIRECTV, a subsidiary of American Telephone and Telegraph, sells digital satellite television, audio, and music in the United States from a fleet of 13 broadcast satellites. DIRECTV dishes are fixed 18- by 24-inch elliptical antennas with at least five noise blocks, as they receive signals from three geostationary satellites concurrently. Compare a variety of DIRECTV dishes on eBay, where you can find a variety of dishes to complement your budget and preferences.

What kind of DIRECTV dishes are available?
  • High definition: DIRECTV high-definition receivers are manufactured to include a built-in digital recorder with 160 to 360 gigabytes of storage space for up to 100 hours of television programs and movies.
  • DIRECTV Plus: DIRECTV Plus offers 320 to 500 gigabytes of hard drive for sharing photos and music. It has the ability to read and write HD programs, storing 2 terabytes of data for added convenience.
  • DIRECTV Pro HD-DVR: The DIRECTV Pro HD-DVR dish is a combined HD MPEG-4 encoded major network television receiver and an advanced home theater.
  • 4K: Ultra high-definition 4K UHD and 8K UHD digital formats for Samsung 4K televisions are encoded in MPEG-4 operated by 4K Genie mini set top boxes.
What are the features of the DIRECTV dishes?

DIRECTV elliptical dishes are bowl-shaped to capture and focus radio waves onto a feed horn. A feed horn has a single point that juts out from the center of the elliptical dish on a support beam, which receives radio waves. A splitter and combiner divert radio frequency signals and receives radio frequency input from two ports, integrates them, and projects them into your television.

Your DIRECTV dish antenna magnifies radio waves and blocks noise to bring major television networks, streaming pay per view movies, sporting events, and live entertainment to your television screen, without the hassle of complicated setups or unnecessary accessories. Your DIRECTV dish antenna captures ultra high frequencies (UHF), very high frequencies (VHF), KU band 12 to 18 gigahertz frequencies, C 262 to 524 Hertz frequencies, and FM frequencies to produce high-definition images, sound, and music.

Which DIRECTV satellite dish works for you?

Your DIRECTV dish, your set top box, and your television must be compatible. If you purchase a 4K television with USB 3.0 ports, you need to upgrade your DIRECTV dish to a 4K ultra high-definition dish. Make sure that your current setup is compatible with your chosen dish before making your purchase.

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