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Everything You Need to Know About DirecTV LNB Downconverters

Whether you are looking to replace or upgrade your existing DirecTV LNB, you can easily find what you need at an affordable price in the wide selection of new and used DirecTV satellite LNB downconverters on eBay.

How do you know if your DirecTV LNB is faulty?

A low noise block down converter, or LNB, is the device found on the front of your DirecTV dish that receives the signal from the satellite and converts it to be used by your indoor receiver. DirecTV LNBs will degrade over time, especially in areas with frequent bad weather conditions, and need to be replaced. Signs of a bad or an obstructed LNB are:

  • Missing channels: When your regular DirecTV channels are not showing
  • Video pixilation: When you can visually detect the pixels when channels are playing
  • Signal dropout: When your DirecTV signal cuts in and out
  • Complete signal loss: When you are unable to load DirecTV at all
What is a twin LNB and a quad LNB?

Since you can't connect two receivers to a single satellite dish to independently access DirecTV separately within your home, they devised the dual and quad LNBs to make this feature possible. A quad DirecTV LNB gives you access from four different tuners within your home to its own independently fed LNB connection. Similarly, the dual DirecTV LNB gives you two independent connection feeds. What this means to you is that up to four different individuals within your home can watch separate television shows or movies through DirecTV at the same time.

Are twin and dual LNBs the same thing?

While their names may imply that they are the same, twin and dual LNBs are actually quite different in how they work and the services that they provide. As satellite television became more widespread and people wanted the option of watching DirecTV independently of other household members, the twin LNB was created. The twin LNB receives more than one signal at a time from a single satellite to enable users to do things such as watch one program while recording another. A dual LNB collects signals from two separate satellites and plays them on one receiver. With a dual LNB, a user could watch programs from two individual satellites but not at the same time.

Does a universal LNB mean it will fit any dish?

Contrary to what is described as a universal product, a universal LNB does not mean it is a one-size-fits-all device. A universal LNB is compatible to receive any of the four different types of satellite signals available, but it can only receive one type of signal at a time. Refer to your satellite dish manufacturer instructions for the specific LNB your dish requires.

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