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Dance Shoes

Dancing requires special shoes in order to keep each athlete's feet healthy and able to keep moving. Depending on the dance style, these specialized shoes will vary in material, thickness, and support. This type of footwear will often need special support for the ankles and the soles of feet due to the constant movement and impact.

What type of shoes does each dance style require?

  • Ballet: Ballet dancers need a shoe that is durable enough to handle the intense wear on their toes but not overly stiff. Shoes that are too stiff require extra effort, causing discomfort.
  • Ballroom: Ballroom dancing shoes tend to have minimal grip. This protects against problems with ankles and knees. Ballroom footwear for women will often have medium heels.
  • Tap: Tap dance shoes have soles that are flat and smooth with metal plates on the toes and heels.
  • Jazz: Jazz and hip-hop footwear can be made from different materials. The key to proper shoes for this style is a rubber split-sole. This allows maximum flexibility and ability to absorb high levels of shock.

What materials are dance shoes made of?

  • Satin: These ballet or ballroom shoes are selected for their aesthetics. They are normally reserved for a major performance.
  • Canvas: This material for dancers is durable and will not grip to the floor. They can also be washed in a washing machine.
  • Leather: Leather dance footwear is exceptionally durable. These dance shoes will mold to the shape of the feet as a result of the extra work required to stretch them.

What colors do dance shoes come in?

While dance shoes are available in a variety of colors, the most common are tan, black, pink, and silver. Satin shoes are often pink and silver. Tap dance shoes will typically be black. Jazz and hip-hop users will often wear black or tan dance shoes. Ballroom footwear will often be tan or black as well.

How do you maintain dance shoes?

  • Satin: Clean dirt and dust off of the soles or heels using a dry, lint-free cloth. If your dance shoes get stained, clean them with plain water, and dry them immediately.
  • Canvas: These dance shoes can be cleaned in your washing machine. Stains can be removed using bleach-free cleanser and a toothbrush. To dry, place the shoes in front of a fan with a towel inserted into them to hold the shape.
  • Leather: You can clean your leather dance footwear using a soft cloth with a little water and a tiny amount of bleach-free soap. You can remove dirt and small smudges using an eraser. Restore the gloss using a special leather cleaner.