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David Yurman Fine Necklaces & Pendants

How to Find a David Yurman Fine Necklace and Pendant for Your Sweetheart

Finding the necklace and pendant that will complement the face of your loved one is an important task. When you shop on eBay, youll find a full selection of David Yurman fine necklaces and pendants to choose from.

Materials used in David Yurman necklaces and pendants

Affordable David Yurman necklaces you can find on eBay incorporate several types of precious metals and stones, including:

  • Gold - 14k gold is often used in this brand of jewelry.
  • Sterling silver - Most of the silver is .925 grade.
  • Diamonds - Diamonds are usually placed on the pendant if they are incorporated at all.
  • Precious gems - Topaz, peridot, turquoise, garnet, rose quartz, prasiolite, and onyx are some of the stones available.
  • Pearls - Both black and white pearls are incorporated.
What kinds of motifs and images are used?

Many of the necklaces and pendants have symbols and motifs. Some of these include religious imagery, such as the Star of David and a cross. Other pendants are dog tags with beautiful gems in pave settings. Other pendants are simple stones surrounded by gold, silver, or rows of diamonds. Some other less common pendants are representations of the evil eye, the tree of life, starburst shapes, skulls, lions, and many more.

Are all chain necklaces only links?

While some of the chains are unadorned links, making them a great way to showcase a special pendant, other chains have stones and decorative metals incorporated into them. Some of these decorations include four-pointed stars and beads. Generally speaking, these necklaces are longer and can be worn by placing them over the head.

What you should think about when buying a chain necklace

Whenever you choose a David Yurman necklace, youll want to consider the type of link thats used. While aesthetic preference definitely plays a role in your decision-making, you should also consider the durability of the links. For instance, curb links are one of the stronger types. You also need to consider the gauge and length of the necklace. If youre buying a chain for a pendant that you already own, youll need to make sure that the pendants hole is large enough to accommodate the necklace. You also need to consider where you would like the lowest part of the necklace to fall on the chest. Most necklaces are 18 to 30 inches long, with an 18-inch necklace hanging around the clavicle bones and the 30-inch necklace hanging around the heart. See the manufacturer site for details. If youre buying for an adolescent who isnt fully grown or is a very petite woman, this will alter how far down the necklace hangs.

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