Display Plate Stands

Plate Stand Display Easels

Show off the beauty of your favorite plates with a plate stand. Each stand functions like an art easel to display your favorite plates. You can use this stand on bookshelves, tables, or other home decor items for a beautiful display piece.

What are plate stands made of?

Each stand can be made with a different material. You can choose easel materials and colors that complement your home decor, such as:

  • Wood: This stand design complements woodsy, country-style decors. It is a traditional plate-stand option for classic plates.
  • Metal: Different types of metals offer a chic material for a plate display. The metals that make up the easel glimmer beautifully in the sunlight.
  • Plastic: Plastic easels are sturdy, heavyduty stands for your favorite plates.
  • Brass: Get creative with a brass display easel. These have a golden hue that is perfect for richly colored plates.
Does a plate stand only work for plates?

While the easel is designed to fit a plate, the stand can display other items as well. Many people use plate stands to display picture frames or other items. As long as they fit the size of the stands easel, other items can be displayed as well. They can display a babys handprint, an award plaque, or wooden plates, for example.

How do you choose a plate stand size?

The size of the easel depends on the size of the plate that you need the stand to display. To figure out the stand you need, start by deciding which plate the easel will hold, then:

  • Measure the Plate: Start by measuring the plate you want to display. You need to measure the plate as accurately as possible. Lay the plate on a flat surface. Use a tape measure across the center of the plate.
  • Write down the diameter: After measuring across the plate, you have found the diameter. This number will be used to find the easel you need. It should be displayed in the product description for the stand.
  • Consider the depth: You may also need to think of the depth your easel needs to have. If the display item has a deeper depth, then you may need a specific type of easel, or it may need a hanger that stretches across the back of the stand. The display depth can be determined by measuring from the edge of the plates front to the edge of its back.
What colors are available?

There are many different easel colors available. To find the right option for you, consider the color of the item you want to display. You may want the stand to display the same color or a complementary color. Some colors you may find include:

  • Brown: Many wood stands come in different shades of brown.
  • Silver, gold, and metallic: These stand colors are popular for stands that are made of metal.
  • Clear or white: These easel colors are perfect if you want the easel to blend into the background.
  • Black: Black is a classic display color. This color easel goes with just about anything you stand on it.