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Dog Agility Training Supplies

Owners can create an agility park in their own outdoor dog playground or dog park area. Agility training offers benefits for both owner and pet. From basic equipment installation such as jump poles or a tunnel to more advanced equipment such as weave poles and ring jump, dog agility equipment creates a fun training session for those involved.

What does dog agility mean?

Agility is a canine sport that appeals to spectators of all ages. Agility measures a dogs willingness to work with a handler or owner. Trainers use agility equipment in an open space, such as a playground or park area, to increase their dogs agility skill level. Since most equipment and agility skills programs require a large amount of space, dog playgrounds or parks are ideal locations.

What is a dog playground?

A dog park or playground that provides agility equipment would be well suited as a training location. Equipment used for dog agility such as a tunnel or a set of weave poles offer play along with structured exercise. Weave equipment is some of the most challenging agility equipment and requires a great deal of dedication during training.

What equipment is needed for an outdoor dog agility park?

Dog agility equipment provides physical obstacles to mimic play that normally occurs in the wild. Some examples of this agility equipment include the following:

  • Tunnel: From inexpensive wire and thin fabric framed options to durable, competition-worthy models, tunnels are fundamental equipment for training in agility.
  • Jump Pole: Jump poles are the core of all agility training. Further along in the sport, agility trainers can double and triple the pole jump to increase the challenge.
  • Weave Pole: Weave poles are often viewed as the most challenging obstacle in dog agility. This equipment requires a running weave motion that gives the obstacle its name.

As training progresses, additional equipment may be added such as an A-frame structure or teeter-totter.

What are some benefits of training a pet with dog agility equipment?

Both the trainer and pet benefit from training that is full of fun and play but also encourages physical exercise and development. Some additional benefits of using equipment during training include:

  • Physical Development: Agility equipment encourages physical development while nurturing the dogs natural drive.
  • Increased Pet and Owner Bond: Agility training requires the handler to assist, which increases fun interactions in addition to pet and owner bond.
  • Expression of Natural Instincts: Agility courses mimic the challenging experiences a dog would encounter outdoor in nature. For example, jumping logs during a hunting pursuit or climbing steep slope hills are replicated in jumps and A-frame walks.