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Dog Bark Collars

If your dog barks at an excessive level, a bark control collar may help you find an effective correction for this behavior. There are many types of bark control collars to help minimize unwanted noise, including vibration or sound collars, spray collars, and electric shock collars. If you want to correct frequent barking, consider weighing the various options offered by brands like PetSafe.

Do anti-barking collars really work?

Different types of anti-barking collars may be suited for different pets. Collars that spray foul-smelling oils when a microphone senses a bark, for example, may stop some pets and may not affect others. The same rule may apply with collars that use vibration or sound. A shock collar may be more effective for pets of certain personalities.

Do citronella dog collars really work?

Citronella collars are an alternative to those that deliver a shock when they register a bark. Since the oil is supposed to smell unappealing, it is released when your dog barks. You should check the microphone sensitivity in each collar before purchasing, so it does not wrongly reprimand your dog for another dog barking.

What is a Husher?

A Husher is a type of anti-bark device that puts gentle pressure on the snout to prevent barking, but it still allows your dog to breathe, eat, and drink normally. Some consider it to be a humane alternative to the shock collar, as rather than delivering a shock, this no-bark collar simply uses a moderate level of pressure to discourage barking..

How do you stop a dog from barking?

If your dog barks too much, dog training is the first step in correction for this behavior. Dog training can allow your dog to alert at the right times (if something is wrong) but not at others, such as them seeing something outside. A bark or shock collar can also discourage barking if you do not want to undergo training or if the training is not adequately stopping the barking. There are many options of collars, including the standard shock collar.

A shock collar can help reduce barking. The shock can be turned down to the equivalent of a tingle to alert to an unwanted behavior, making the shock collar especially helpful in getting a distracted animal's attention. The level of success for each bark or shock collar depends on the brand's quality, on your pet, and on your individual circumstances.