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Double-H Boots for Men

Founded in the mid-1950s, Double-H Boots is a provider of work, western, cowboy, and motorcycle boots. Fans of the brand are drawn seasonally to the brands traditional cowboy-style designs and silhouettes. Following are some common questions about the brand and its products.

What widths do Double-H boots come in?

Double-H mens boots come in both standard and wide widths. In North America, the letter D denotes a standard width, which is roughly 3.5 to 4.5 inches wide; the letter E stands for wide widths spanning 3.7 to 5 inches wide.

Double-H also makes boots in extra narrow and extra wide widths, denoted by the letters A and B as well as 2E, 3E, and 4E, respectively. Availability of widths varies from style to style.

What is AG7 in relation to Double-H Boots?

AG7 is the patented comfort system in Double-H boots. It encompasses both the outsole and the insole. It is most common in more rugged boots engineered for manual work, such as roping. The AG7 has seven layers that include moisture-wicking technology to keep feet relatively dry and work to minimize the conditions that give rise to chafing and odor-causing bacteria. The AG7 insole is removable for easier drying, and the durable outsole consists of abrasion-resistant polycarbonate, which is designed to withstand many forms of impact, wear, and friction.

Do Double-H cowboy boots meet ASTM standards?

Although styles change seasonally, each release of Double-H boots is constructed to meet ASTM F-2413-05 or ASTM F-2413-11 standards for performance requirements for protective footwear. Many of the same boots often have saddle vamps or reinforced uppers that help to provide ankle and shin support. This support assists in preventing injury during activities such as dismounting horses and bikes.

What makes the Buckaroo unique?

The Buckaroo is a high-end Double-H cowboy boot. It features a traditional wide, square toe, leather lining, and pull-up straps. The heel and outsole are croc-embossed, aesthetically similar to authentic crocodile skin. Molded, cushioned insole boards conform to the shape of your feet, which help to provide full, dynamic plantar support and shock absorption.

Wheeled leather welts are this boots defining feature. A welt, sometimes called a Goodyear welt after the inventors, is made from a durable material (rubber or leather) stitched onto the perimeter of the outsole. Its designed to seal the sole to the upper, preventing moisture from getting to your insole through the perimeter of your shoe. It also works to augments the overall durability of the boot or shoe, making it less likely for the upper and outsole to separate in response to stress and exposure to the elements.

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