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Driver Golf Clubs

Driver golf clubs allow you to take to the golf course with a club that will hit directly from the tee and potentially drive the ball hundreds of yards. These golf clubs provide you with a range of options in how much loft you use with each hit of the ball, from 7.5 degrees to 24 degrees. If you enjoy playing golf, drivers are essential clubs to have in your bag.

What does the stiffness of a golf club indicate?

Having a thorough understanding of how golf flex works and the role it plays in one of these clubs will assist you in selecting the one that matches your game. There are five different stiffness levels available to you.

  • Regular: This shaft stiffness is meant to be used by players who enjoy having flexibility to their swing while also having the ability to hit somewhat lengthy distances.
  • Stiff: A stiff shaft allows the ball to hit low but far at the same time and can be used by players who have a fast tempo to their hits.
  • Extra stiff: These are meant to be used by golfers who can hit the ball very long distances and have quick swings in their game.
  • Seniors: These have a soft stiffness to them and are designed to be used by golfers who have a smooth hitting motion.
  • Ladies: These drivers have a lot of flexibility to them and allow you to hit the ball far while still having the flexibility necessary to make different types of shots.

What are the different types of shaft materials?

Drivers can be constructed from a wide array of different materials. While these materials can play a part in your golf game, the shaft material in a club is largely meant to be aesthetic in nature, although users can prefer one material based on how it feels when holding and moving it. Many of these clubs are made from graphite, which is a gray type of carbon, while some consist of a mixture of graphite and steel and others of steel alone. A selection of these golf clubs can consist of titanium, which is a type of metal that is typically displayed in a bright silver hue. Some of these clubs can also be made from wood and have hollow bodies and large heads.

What does the loft of a golf club refer to?

Drivers consist of a certain amount of loft, which can vary depending on the specific model that you select from brands such as TaylorMade, Titleist, or Callaway. Loft refers to the height that the ball will travel when hit. When you are using one of these clubs, the goal is usually to hit the ball as far and as low as you can, which is why most of these clubs consist of a low number. When referring to this metric, the higher the number, the higher the ball will travel when hit. For example, a high number with a driver can be useful when hitting a tee shot on a three-par hole.