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Power up With DuroMax Generators

When you need portable power, you can count on DuroMax generators. If you have been considering a purchase of a generator, then check out what DuroMax has got to offer. There is a wide and affordable selection of them with handy features on eBay.

Different types of DuroMax generators

These are the two principal types of DuroMax generators for sale:

  • Standard portable generators - With these generators, you will be able to keep the juice flowing just about wherever you go. Keep in mind that they are much louder than their inverter counterparts and more powerful, with some of them capable of putting out 15,000 watts.
  • Inverter generator - Inverter generators produce a clean and efficient energy wave, meaning you won't have to worry about damaging your sensitive electronics, as with standard portable generators. They're also much quieter than their counterparts and generally put out less power. Inverters can produce up to 2,200 watts.
Are there details to look for when buying DuroMax generators?

The following are things to keep in mind when purchasing DuroMax generators:

  • Fuel type - DuroMax generators run off of either gas or LPG (liquid propane gas). There are also low-cost dual-fuel models that can use both gas and LPG.
  • Watts - Find out the power requirements of the tools and devices you want to run on your new generator and use this as a guide when buying. DuroMax generators and inverter generators put out between 1,200 and 15,000 watts
  • Decibel output - Generator sound output is measured in decibels at 23 feet away (industry standard). Most generators on the market put out anywhere between 50 and 100 decibels, including inverter generators, which occupy the lower end of the spectrum. DuroMax generators have impressive outputs that range between 51 and 75 decibels.
The various features that come with DuroMax generators

These are some of the handy features that come with certain DuroMax generators:

  • Electric start - With an electric start button, you'll be able to start your generator quickly, easily, and without accidentally breaking the start cord.
  • Muffler - No more loud generators causing a ruckus at the RV campground or tailgate party with a muffler installed in the motor. These handy features can reduce noise levels by up to 20 decibels.
  • Low-oil warning system - Many generator owners neglect to change the oil on their machines. Fortunately for them, you can find certain affordable DuroMax generators with a low-oil shut-off feature, which prevents the unit from being operated when the oil is getting dangerously low.
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