Elation Single Unit Stage Lighting

Casting a spotlight on characters during dramatic moments and setting the ambiance with carefully placed flood lighting imparts valuable importance to theatrical and event lighting. With stage lighting from Elation Professional, you may be able to create an enhanced experience. Elation offers a wide variety of different types of lighting that may work for you.

What different types of Elation Professional lighting are available?

Some spotlights contain a tiny size of LED diodes that could make them a choice for a wide variety of different light setups, which include light bars as well as square Elation lighting boxes. This company also produces LED stage lighting components like lighting covers' multiple bases, from traditional fixed can lights to LED multi-colored quad beams.

What are some features of using LED wash lighting?

One of the applications of LED Elation lighting is in wash lighting. This type of lighting may be hard to accomplish with traditional incandescent or fluorescent illumination sources that consist of a single bright point of light, which then must be manually diffused. Since Elation LEDs consist of multiple tiny sources of illumination, this technology can be used to accomplish the diffuse effects of LED wash lighting.

How is an LED spotlight used on stage?

Spotlights are the tireless workhorses that direct the attention of the audience to specific items or actors. In stark contrast to floodlighting, spotlights are designed to be focused on a specific point and can usually be moved and focused accordingly. The spotlights may be placed at strategic locations above and around a production site and are controlled from a central location to add a dramatic effect or add emphasis to a line or scene.

How do you use a dimmer to control these lights?

An Elation professional dimmer is a device that may provide the capacity to control eight or more discrete lights at the same time. These dimmers also generally come with the capability to control and transmit MIDI information, which can be essential to pulling off a successful production. Paired with an Elation video panel and road case, you are set up to guide every aspect of the look and feel of a production.

What is the rated life-expectancy of LED diodes?

One of the features of this form of LED lighting technology is the relatively long lifespan of LED diodes, with an average rated lifespan of 50,000 hours.