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Enphase Alternative Power Chargers and Inverters Offer Portable Electricity

If you are considering a solar or wind-based alternative energy system, one of the most important pieces of the system is the battery grid that you use to store the energy you generate. Enphase Energy offers a number of different inverters that help configure the energy into usable electric circuits. eBay is a great place to find affordable products that Enphase offers.

What is an inverter?

Inverters take direct current, or DC electricity, and change it into AC, or alternating current. They are sometimes called power chargers. Your phone's car charger, your vehicle's alternator, and gas-powered generators are all examples of this. Because solar energy produces DC electricity, your solar installer will need one of two kinds of inverters, microinverters or string inverters, to make your solar power useful to you. Enphase specializes in microinverters that range in capacity for both small, residential panels or large-scale commercial applications.

What are the advantages of Enphase microinverters?

There are several reasons to consider a quality microinverter for your solar system.

  • Each panel operates independently. In a microinverter system, if one panel goes out, the rest continue to store energy.
  • Panels can perform at peak capacity: Solar panels that are not tied together can each collect the highest amount of sun that the system allows. If one panel is shaded, it doesn't affect the rest of the system.
  • Low voltage: Panels operate safely at 60 volts, keeping you safe during installation or faults.
  • Small size: The requirements for a microinverter-based system are not bulky, allowing for a thinner solar panel system overall.
  • Easy to troubleshoot: Because each panel's microinverter operates independently, it is easy to know which of the panels has a fault, which can save you diagnostic time and cost.
What kinds of systems are good with Enphase microinverters?

Enphase offers a number of different system options for both residential and commercial grid systems. Some of the specifications that suggest that this system may be a good fit with your solar array include:

  • Smart Grid compatibility
  • 60-96 grid system size
  • 120 to 240 volts or 120 to 208 volts
  • Input power between 195 and 460 watts