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Eye Makeup

Any woman who wears makeup knows how important eye makeup is for a complete and stunning look. This type of makeup draws out the eyes and focuses on their strong points, such as their color or shape. If you wear makeup, you will want to have a variety of choices to make your eyes shine brightly.

What types of eye makeup are there?

Several different types and forms are available to help you create a look that will highlight your positive features. These include the following commonly used items:

  • Mascara: Mascara is applied on the eyelashes to create the look of fuller and longer lashes. The most widely used type comes in a tube with a wand and a brush inside. Waterproof formulas are also available. Powder cake types of mascara can also be used.
  • Eyeliner: This product is used to define the shape of your eyes by creating lines just above or below your eyelashes. Liquid eyeliner is applied with a thin brush and looks better when applied with a steady hand. There are also gel liners available. In addition, you can purchase eyeliner pencils. The latter can be smudged with your fingers or a brush to create a soft look.
  • Eyeshadow: This is colored pigment that is applied to the eyelids. Shadows come in a few different forms; powders, creams in stick form, or cream paints in a tube that dry to a powder once on the lid. You can use anywhere from 1 to 4 colors of eyeshadow to create a dramatic effect on your eyes.
  • Under-Eye Concealer: This makeup product can also be included as a foundation. It is used to lighten up the dark circles under your eyes before putting on other makeup products. It is most commonly flesh colored and available in tube, stick, or pot forms. Some will naturally have some yellow or coral tint to them in order to help your purple or blue dark under-eye circles be less visible.
How do you achieve smokey eyes?

Smokey eye is a go-to eye look for many women. Here are the five easy steps to creating this look for yourself:

  • First, use a cream-based concealer on your eyelid to create a base.
  • Next, trace your top lash line with a pencil liner.
  • Use brown, dark green, or gray colored powder eyeshadow to cover your lid up to the crease.
  • Next, use a lighter, neutral pigment of eyeshadow to dust over your browbone. Here, you could also use a shimmery finish or a cream shadow.
  • Finally, use two coats of black mascara.