Ford Airbags

An essential part of your cars internal safety system, your Fords front or passenger-side airbags sometimes need to be replaced after a collision or an accident. Understanding how your Ford airbags work and what qualities to look for is helpful. There are some important issues to consider.

How does an airbag work?

In a crash, your vehicles sensors deploy an airbag to keep you and your passengers safe. They inflate and deflate extremely rapidly, filling with air that cushions you as you move around the interior of a vehicle in an accident. In an accident, airbags prevent you and your vehicles occupants from striking hard on surfaces, such as the steering column or windows, which helps prevent injury. If they deploy one time, airbags cannot be reused. You must replace them as soon as possible with new airbags to keep you and your passengers safe and to comply with laws about vehicular safety.

What kind of replacement airbags are there?

Your F-150 truck or another Ford vehicle will come equipped with different types of airbags designed to protect the driver and occupants from contact.

  • Steering column: This is the most common type of airbag. Located directly in front of the driver in most trucks and cars, this bag rapidly deploys in a crash to protect the operator from contact with the column assembly, dashboard, and front windshield.
  • Passenger front: Positioned in front of the passenger, this large airbag protects the vehicles occupants from contact with the dashboard and windshield. Positioned in or by the glove compartment in many trucks and cars, additional bags can shield peoples legs and knees from contact.
  • Side curtain: Also called curtain side airbags, these inflate over the side window and protect passengers in a car or truck not only from physical contact with the side door but from shards of window glass as well.
How do you purchase the right airbag?

Purchasing replacement airbags are simple if you know your vehicles make, model number, and year of manufacture. Choose a bag that includes those specifications. You will also need to know which bag or bags you intend to replace.

Do you have to get replacement airbags professionally installed?

You will need to have your replacements installed professionally. It is important to leave drivers and passengers safety to the hands of professionals who are familiar with the procedure of installing replacement Ford airbags. Your local dealership can help you install your new airbags.