Tattoo Machine Frames

From rotary to coil, tattoo machine frames can be compatible with all different types of tattoo machines. These frames are manufactured by a wide range of different brands. The coil options that are available with some of these frames include 8-wrap and 10-wrap coils.

What materials are these frames made from?

  • Carbon steel: This is a type of steel in which one of the main alloys within the material is carbon, which makes up just over 2% of the steel composition. This steel comes with a particularly hard surface, although the mechanical properties of carbon steel can be altered depending on how much heat is applied to it. This material is commonly used for the frames of coil tattoo units.
  • Aluminum: This is a type of lightweight metal that comes in a silvery-gray color and is commonly combined with other lightweight metals in order to create an aluminum alloy. This material is commonly used in the making of rotary tattoo machine frames.
  • Brass: This is a type of metallic alloy that is made from a combination of zinc and copper. It has a yellow/gold color to it and is designed to be malleable. There are a variety of different types of brass used in these units, from alpha brasses to beta brasses. This material is used for the creation of liner machine frames.
  • Cast iron: This is a type of hard alloy that is made of both carbon and iron. This metal is typically gray or black in color and is found in both liner and shader tattoo machine frames.
  • Stainless steel: This is a type of steel that has at least 10% chromium content and is silver in color.

What are some colors that these frames are available in?

These tattoo machine frames are available in a wide range of color options that include black, silver, blue, gold, red, yellow, and pink. A number of these frames come in multiple colors with such combinations and red and black and blue and black as well.

How do you choose a frame?

Selecting a frame for your tattoo machine involves a number of different variables, which is why you might want to take a look at this guide to help in your search.

  • Select your preferred color: These tattoo machine frames come in an array of colors that include black, red, silver, and gold.
  • Select a material: The large variety of materials that these frames can be made from include steel, aluminum, and brass.
  • Select a coil size: In the event that you have a coil tattoo machine, you will need to find a frame that supports your coil size. Many of these tattoo machine frames support coil sizes of around 28 millimeters and 32 millimeters.