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All You Need to Know About Purchasing a Fuji 6x9 Film Format Camera

Released in 1985, both the Fuji GSW690ii and GSW690iii Professional cameras capture 6-centimeter by 9-centimeter photos on 120 or 220 roll film. Considered vintage, these Fuji 6x9 cameras are a photographer's dream. You can find plenty of these cameras along with all their accessories on eBay.

What are the features of Fuji 6x9 cameras?

These medium format cameras use 120 or 220 roll film. The 220 film is longer and therefore will yield twice as many photographs as the 120 film. These cameras are fairly simple to use, with just three buttons including one for focus, one for aperture, and the shutter button. All focusing is on the lens. There are no lens changes, light meters, or double exposures. Other features include:

  • Shutter speeds between 1 second and 1/500th second
  • Aperture settings between f/3.5 and f/32 with half stop
  • Shutter lock
  • Tripod port
What are the benefits of owning a Fuji 6x9 camera?

Owning a Fuji 6x9 camera allows you to explore your photographic creativity. With very sharp images balanced by just the right bokeh, you will have fun capturing images of all kinds with this camera. Though considered a vintage camera, it is still new enough to find a decent one in working condition and film is still made for these. Since this camera has no electrical components, it is less likely to break down. Whether you are a professional or a part-time photographer, this camera will enhance your photo portfolio.

Do these cameras come used?

These cameras are used. The descriptions and pictures can easily help you determine whether there is any damage to the camera. Most of these cameras are in excellent working condition with few cosmetic defects. You can easily find the camera to suit your photographic needs. Some cameras are sold by themselves, but others are sold with additional amenities. These amenities include:

  • Camera cases
  • Film
  • Shoulder straps
What is a medium format camera?

Any camera that records its exposures on film bigger than 24 by 36 millimeters but smaller than 4 by 5 inches is considered medium format. The main feature of medium format cameras is that they have larger light sensors, requiring larger lenses. This allows for enhanced performance in low lighting and night photography. Since these cameras are better at capturing light, the color and tone of the final pictures are much more true to life.