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Gorham Antique US Silver-Plated Creamers and Sugar Bowls

Gorham antique sterling silver items showcase silversmithing from the Victorian era. Gorham crafted different sterling silver items, including flatware, serving spoons, creamers, sugar bowls, and tea sets. Some Gorham items are monogrammed while other sterling silver items boast of detailed design patterns.

How do you know if a Gorham set is genuine?

A true Gorham silver set will have the makers mark on the bottom of each item, which includes the Gorham sterling name and the series number. Other factors that indicate a genuine Gorham silver set include:

  • The pattern and maker’s mark on the sterling silver is identifiable, which is usually an anchor that may be with a lion and the G initial.
  • The time of production of the silver piece can be determined.
  • There is at least some verifiable history on the sterling set.
What is Gorham sterling silver?

Gorham sterling silver is the product of the Gorham Manufacturing Company founded by master sterling silver craftsman Jabez Corham and his business partner Henry L. Webster in Providence, Rhode Island in 1831. Gorham Manufacturing Company began producing sterling spoons and then other silver flatware designs. Eventually expanding in 1842, Gorham Manufacturing Company began producing other small sterling silver items.

Did Gorham craft anything besides silver pieces?

Although it started with silver spoons, the company crafted a number of items beyond its silver product line. In reference to creamers and sugar bowls, the company produced copper pieces in the late 1800s. They applied sterling silver to highlight the design and included exotic details like dragon handles. They also produced cut crystal, also available in creamers and sugar bowls. The Gorham Althea creamer-sugar bowl set is one product that is produced using cut crystal.

What are some of the Gorham patterns?

The company produced a number of patterns available for its sterling silver product line, including creamers and sugar bowls. Gorham silver tea sets and flatware come in several designs, from simple lines to fanciful designs, such as the Buttercup pattern that was introduced around 1899. Some of the other Gorham silver designs include:

  • Bead
  • Chantilly
  • Colfax
  • Edgemont Gold
  • Fairfax
  • King Edward
  • LaScala
  • Medici
What does an antique Gorham tea set include?

A Gorham Manufacturing Company set contains a sterling silver coffee pot, teapot, a covered sugar bowl, an uncovered bowl, and a creamer pitcher. Some sterling silver Gorham sets have wooden handles on the coffee and teapots while others have silver handles.

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