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Everything You Need to Know About Grado Headphones

If you're looking for headphones that offer comfort and an amazing listening experience, then look no further as Grado headphones are known for their unique design and powerful sound. The decades-old, Brooklyn-based brand is recognized for the throwback, old-school appeal and durability. Grado headphones have a number of colors, patterns, and varieties to choose from, and eBay features many that are tailored to fit your personal style.

What are the Grado headphone categories?

Grado has six distinctive categories to classify their headphones. Each has its own unique style and design that sets them apart. The categories of Grado headphones are as follows:

  • Prestige - This is where Grado users start. These affordable headphones are equipped with open back on ears.
  • Reference - This type is over the ear with wooden ear cups.
  • Statement - This model is one of the larger models of Grado headphones. It has a more polished design and is equipped with larger drivers.
  • Professional - This is the chrome-coated, higher end model. It still comes with the same over-ear design.
  • In ear - This is an affordable and portable brand of headphones.
  • Limited editions - This is a handcrafted style that is often created for special occasions for cross-promotional purposes.
What are some Grado headphones that stand out?

When looking at a number of factors, including comfort, sound quality, style, and features, the following five Grado headphones are considered to provide an exceptional listening experience:

  • Grado SR325e -These headphones have good sound production and are excellent for everyday use. The ear cups are metal and the headband is leather. The pads inside the ear cups are breathable.
  • Grado SR225e - This headphone is lightweight with retro design. It's designed for comfort, and still has oversize padding. This headset is all black and is designed to provide quality sound.
  • Grado SR125e - This headphone is designed for critical listening. It is durable and features an open back that is helpful for blocking out noise.
  • Grado SR80e - This headphone is lightweight, comfortable, and has above average sound quality. It also comes in a variety of colors.
  • Grado SR60e - This headphone has a sleek, modern look. It also has very real, bass-filled sound quality.
How do you choose the right headphones?

If you spend a lot of time wearing headphones, then proper fit and sound quality make a big difference, so consider the following factors when choosing:

  • Form: Headphones come in a couple of different styles that will fit your ear differently, such as ear buds or full size.
  • Special features: These could be noise cancellation, noise isolation, or the type of sound they are designed to provide.
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