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Graphic Label Printing Services

Return address labels can be both useful and decorative when mailing letters and items from your home or business. With the inclusion of personalized looks and logos, these labels are a versatile and cost-effective way to market your business, ensure shipping accuracy, or to add a fun touch to a personal project. Printers and service providers can assist you in creating labels that meet your needs for size, color, design, material, text style, and shape.

What is a return address label?

A return address label contains three to five lines of text per label. Return address labels have a name, street address, city, state, and zip code. They indicate the address and identity of the sender of a letter or package and also provide redirection information if the item is non-deliverable by the postal service. Thes labels can be designed for home, school, or business use. They can be further personalized with a graphic image like an initial or image.

Who provides printed custom return address labels?

Printers and publishers provide label printing services. They offer standard return address labels in a variety of styles. A provider can assist you if your needs are beyond the standard specifications for address labels. Whether you want to include your business logo or use a favorite image like a flower or sun, you can find a specialized graphic address label printing process that meets your needs.

What kind of customization is possible?

Depending on the printer or supplier, custom options may include shape, material, text styles, color, and size. The standard address label shape is rectangular. Labels can come in squares, circles, or other custom shapes as well. Many labels are printed on plain sticker paper, but you can also opt for those made of different materials like foil paper or clear plastic. Very often, the text on the label can be customized line by line. You can have some lines in bold, in italics, or in a different font from the rest of the label. You can also choose appropriate colors to fit your needs. Like colors and shapes, sizes can be customized from standard labels to oversized or custom sizes. Depending on the provider, you may be able to use your own graphic images or photos for the address labels.

Do address labels come only in sheets?

Address labels can come in sheets, single labels, or rolls. The format will vary by project and provider.

What else can custom graphic labels be used for?

Graphic labels can be a cost effective way to add a professional touch to your packaging or personalize a special event. Use them to mark items as "Handmade," "Made in USA," "Fragile," "Heavy," or "Handle With Care." Stick "Thank You" labels on orders or wish your contacts "Happy Holidays" with a custom label. Use them to promote your business or advertise a special item or sale.