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Why Would I Need a MicroServer?

In a business setup, you need a computer server to store, retrieve, and send files as well as data to other computers on the same network. For any business owner looking to set up their first server, a MicroServer would get the job done. HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 is a small, quiet, and stylishly designed server for micro and small businesses looking to build their first IT server environment. With a form factor that is easy to use and service, this MicroServer helps businesses get to a server that provides better and secured access to data, and more efficiency in operations while driving down their operating expenses and prices.

What are features available on HP ProLiant MicroServer?

A MicroServer, particularly the HP MicroServer or HP MicroServer Gen8, serves as a compact and versatile solution for various computing needs, making it a valuable asset for both individuals and businesses alike. Here are some of the features available with MicroServers:

  • Operating System: This performs very early configuration of the video controller, to allow monitoring of initialization progress via an attached monitor. If configuration or hardware errors are discovered during this early phase of hardware initialization, suitable messages are now displayed on the connected monitor. Additionally, these configuration or hardware errors are logged to the Integrated Management Log (IML) to assist in diagnosis. ProLiant ROM aims to configure the processor, chipset status registers System memory, memory map, memory initialization System hardware configuration (Integrated PCI devices and optional PCI-E cards).
  • Server ROM: Provides for essential initialization and validation of hardware components before control passes to the customer-installed operating system. The ROM also provides the capability of booting from various fixed media (HDD, CD-ROM) and removable media (USB), to continue operation to the operating system. Load your operating system and boot up more quickly with the 240GB SATA Read Intensive Small Form Factor Solid State Drive.
  • Storage options: There are four slots to take 3.5in SATA hard drives cabled to an onboard Smart Array controller.
  • iLO management app: These MicroServers come with an iLO4 management app in the BIOS of the MicroServer Gen8.
  • Processor: It contains the AMD equivalent of Intel's Atom processor, the Turion II Neo N40L dual-core, which runs at 1.5 GHz.
Why should I consider a Micro Server?
  • Eco-friendly: Each machine requires less electricity to run, which is a huge boon for cost-conscious data centers. Not only do MicroServers require less electricity to run, they also run cooler than traditional server hardware. Likewise, noise levels are also excellent. There are just two fans. One very large fan at the back, that just seems to cool the entire device.
  • Ideal for tight spaces: Microservers are much smaller than mainframes or other types of servers. This means that more machines can go in a given server room or data center, which is ideal for organizations that are unwilling or unable to expand their physical IT footprint.
  • Great for congruent, lower-power tasks: Whether or not a data center should turn to MicroServers or larger machines is all dependent on the types of workloads it handles. For companies that need to run lots of little repeatable workloads at a high frequency, MicroServers are an attractive option.

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