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Work, Play and Learn on the Go

With connectivity becoming a ubiquitous commodity today and with computer technology allowing for more powerful yet smaller processors, the natural progression of tech improvements naturally leans toward tablets running a full Windows operating system. Instead of carrying around a bulky laptop, you can buy a Hewlett-Packard Windows tablet and keyboard combo that weighs less than almost all of the laptops in the market yet still have the ability to do everything a laptop can.

What Is a Windows Tablet?

  • Compact: HP Windows tablets are streamlined computers that run a full Windows 10 operating system. The only buttons on the base unit itself are located on the sides and are composed of a power button and volume buttons. A touchscreen provides an intuitive and convenient way to interact with the system and has a dense enough resolution to keep images and videos looking rich and vibrant.
  • Powerful: These tablets have the potential to be your daily driver computer. Leave the desktop or laptop at home, but take your tablet with you to class so you can easily take notes. Many mid-range models use a fanless design to reduce bulk but still allow for ample cooling via heat dissipation systems in the internals.
  • Efficient: Battery life is a plus on many tablet devices. With some processors able to work at 1.60 GHz normally and 2.40 GHz when needed, you can enjoy longer battery life when doing lighter tasks but get zippy response times when you need the tablet to work harder.

What Are Some Notable HP Tablet Models?

  • x2 210: As an entry-level device, the x2 210 series emphasizes battery life, silence, and portability. It has options for up to 4 GB of memory and up to 128 GB of eMMC storage, giving you enough room for documents, media files, and light games. Each iteration of this model uses an Intel Atom x5 processor that is a zippy processor that sips power.
  • Pro x2 612: The Pro line is a higher-end choice that features a 7th Generation Intel Core m3-7Y30 processor for increased performance with a 128 GB SSD. An SSD is faster than eMMC storage, meaning boot times, load times, and launch times are shorter. This series has options between FHD WUXGA+UWVA eDP and an FHD displays but all in 12 inches.
  • Elite X2 1012: As a candidate for daily workstation replacement, the Elite x2 series boasts high-end hardware and a precision-crafted keyboard. For better stability, an elegant stand is located at the back to prevent rocking from the pressure of your touch inputs. The keyboard comes in a slim, light folio design.