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Haggar Men's Pants

Haggar makes men's pants in a variety of styles and fits. They are designed to be both comfortable and appropriate for both leisure and business activities. These pants come with a wide range of practical features, such as wrinkle-free fabric and expandable waistbands.

What fits are available?

The company makes men's dress and casual pants with several different fits, which are described here:

  • Original fit: These pants are the brand's most relaxed pant option. They allow for room throughout the hips, thighs, and seat of the pants. They also have the longest rise of all the pants the company makes.
  • Classic fit: With these pants, the waistline sits at or just below the waist. The leg opening is straight, and the fit throughout the hips and the thighs is relaxed. Classic fit pants are meant to fit on a man regardless of the man's shape.
  • Straight fit: These pants are slightly slimmer than classic fit options. While the waistband still sits at or just below the man's waist, these options are cut straight throughout the hips and the thighs.
  • Slim fit: These pants are made for those who prefer a more body-hugging type of fit. They sit just below the waist and have a tapered leg, and they are slim throughout.
What are some of the features of these pants?
  • Wrinkle free: These pants do not require ironing. They are made of a cotton blend fabric that does not wrinkle after being put through a washer and dryer.
  • Expandable waistband: Many of the company's pants are equipped with an expandable waistband, which can expand by up to three inches.
  • Flat front: The brand's flat front options help present a slimmer appearance. Many of the brand's dress pants use flat front construction.
  • Pleated front: These pants have pleats, which give the wearer of the pants more room in the thighs and in the hips.
What sizes are available?

The brand's size options differ slightly by fit. Classic fit styles are slightly different than slim cut options. Regardless, most styles are available in waist sizes ranging from 32 to 44, and in lengths ranging from 29 to 34. The Haggar brand also makes Big and Tall sizes, which offer waist sizes ranging from 44 to 60 and lengths ranging from 29 to 38.

What types of pants are available?

The company makes the following types of pants:

  • Casual pants: These pants include corduroys, khakis, and cargo pants.
  • Dress pants: These pants are made out of materials such as gabardine and lightweight stretch fabrics.
  • Jeans: These jeans range from traditional pleat front options to weekend jeans. Many of these iron-free jeans are designed to look professional and be comfortable at the same time.
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