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Hamilton Beach Toaster Ovens

Toaster ovens by Hamilton Beach only take up a small amount of counter space and have a variety of uses. This countertop oven is available in several different variations. For example, some of these ovens have doors that roll back and open upward instead of downward, making it easier to take food in and out.

What can you do with a Hamilton Beach toaster oven?

These ovens are designed to be versatile. Toaster ovens make toast and reheat leftovers, and they can also bake, broil, and brown foods. You can use them to cook pizza, toasted-cheese sandwiches, sausages, quesadillas, and frittatas. They can even help you save hard-to-reheat leftovers, such as french fries. You can bake cookies in smaller batches and toast bagels in your oven for breakfast. In some rotisserie models, you can even slice open and roast a Cornish game hen on the lowest shelf.

What kind of countertop ovens are there?

These countertop ovens come in three main types: the classic toaster oven, the convection oven, and the convection-and-rotisserie oven. The features of each oven type vary, so consider your needs and the available counter space you have for your oven before deciding which model to get.

  • Classic: The classic toaster oven is available in stainless steel, which is known for being easy to clean. This oven is small and space-friendly, yet big enough to toast four slices of bread and cook two medium pork chops, a nine-inch pizza, or a batch of chicken nuggets.
  • Convection: Great for people who love crispy pizza, this oven can generously accommodate a 12-inch pizza, heating it to your desired crispness.
  • Convection and rotisserie: This is a highly versatile type of countertop oven. This stainless-steel oven includes convection and rotisserie features. It can do things like bake cakes or cookies, roast a 5-pound chicken, and broil fish.
What features should you look for in a toaster oven?

Carefully consider your personal needs for a toaster oven. What do you need this appliance for? How much counter space do you have? Here are some features of standard countertop ovens.

  • Automatic shutoff: This safety feature "remembers" to turn off the oven for you after about 30-60 minutes.
  • Cooking options: Broil, toast, and bake features are available.
  • Easy-cleaning features: A stainless-steel crumb tray to collect toaster crumbs and drippings from the last broil helps you to keep your oven clean.
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