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Hayward Pool Heaters & Solar Panels

Considerations to Make When Purchasing a Hayward Solar Pool Heater

Maintaining your swimming pool takes time, effort, and money, but for many pool owners it is a luxury that is only accessible during the warmer months of the year. Pool heaters use heating sources such as gas, electricity, and solar panels to warm the water as it is being filtered and cycled through your filtration system. There are several considerations to make when opting to purchase a new or used solar Hayward heater on eBay.

How do Hayward solar heaters work?

Hayward solar pool heaters are able to use the power of the sun to heat your pool without the use of a heat pump or other heating devices. As water circulates from your in-ground or above-ground source and out of your filter, it is diverted into a thermal collector panel, which acts as a heat pump. After that, it is heated to your desired temperature before being cycled back into your pool or spa.

Where should I install my Hayward heater?

All Hayward heaters are designed to be installed in your plumbing, after your pump and filter. Your heating system consists of the following parts, each of which need to be installed along the return line of your pump and filter.

  • Control Panel and Display
  • Sensor
  • Solar-Valve
  • Solar-Collectors
  • Heating Unit
How can I control the temperature of my spa?

All Hayward heating systems feature a control panel which enables you to set the temperature to your specifications. Some control panels are also Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to monitor your spas temperature from the comfort of your smartphone and make adjustments if it is too high or low.

What are the advantages of a solar heater?

While there are several styles of effective spa heaters to choose from, solar heaters have a number of advantages.

  • Operating Cost - By harnessing the power of the sun, you will save money versus electric or gas heating units.
  • Safety - There is always an inherent risk of electrocution when electricity and water mix. Likewise, gas-powered units require an active pilot light to be lit at all times. This is not necessary with solar units.
  • Installation - You do not need additional utility lines run to your pump and filter with solar units as you would when using a gas or electrical heating unit.
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