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Headlight and Tail Light Covers for BMW 335i

Colorful headlights are a great way to personalize your BMW 335i. The colorful chameleon headlight covers and taillight covers will make your vehicle pop on the road, while more standard-color headlight covers can also be found for a more traditional look. With a wide selection of headlight and tail light covers for BMQ 335i, you can find something that fits your style.

Will headlight covers protect your headlights from flying rocks?

Yes, the vinyl film covers can protect your lights from the wear and tear of road driving. When you drive, traffic in front of you kicks up tiny bits of debris into your headlights. This sandblasting etches the lens of your headlights over time. Tiny rocks do the same thing and can even break your light. The film covers will reduce the risk of damage by rocks.

Do you need special tools to install headlight covers?

No. The tools required to install headlight covers or taillight covers can commonly be found around the house. If you ordered the pre-cut covers, all you need to do is peel the backing and stick them on. If you ordered a tinted sheet, youll need to cut the film to the shape of your headlight or tail light, but youll just need household scissors to do that. Finally, youll need a squeegee to secure the application. Applying the taillight covers first is a good place to start.

Will headlight covers protect headlights and taillights from the sun?

Youve seen cloudy, crackled headlights on the road. They are a sign of an aging and sun-damaged vehicle. Applying transparent covers or even smoked-tint covers will protect the headlights and taillights from damaging UV rays, which will keep them crystal clear underneath.

What are your options for getting smoked taillights?

Smoked taillights give your vehicle a sleek, stylish look. To get the black light look, you can spray a tint on your headlights or tail lights, but that can dangerously diminish the amount of light that passes through the lens if not done properly. A more convenient option to get smoked lights is to apply transparent vinyl film covers, which can be removed at any time and can offer some unusual and stylish options.

Are headlight and taillight vinyl covers easy to remove?

Yes, adding a little heat to the light covers will cause them to peel right off your lights. A heat gun, hair dryer, or even a hot day can loosen the adhesive on the covers enough that you should be able to peel the vinyl covers off. You can remove any remaining adhesive left by the covers by rolling it into a ball with your fingers.