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Headlight and Taillight Covers for Chevrolet Impala

Headlight covers and taillight covers come in many styles. They add a personalized touch to your car, and they extend the life of your headlights and taillights by reducing wear and preventing damage. Learning more about them will help you choose the right headlight covers or taillight covers for your Chevrolet Impala.

What are the benefits of headlight covers?

Films protect your headlights from scratches and wear that can dull the light they provide at night, and they provide a stylized touch by adding color to them. Smokey gray and amber are common tints used with headlights. Plastic headlight covers add an additional layer of protection from breakage caused by minor accidents.

What are the advantages of taillight covers?

Taillight covers for the Chevrolet Impala help prevent damage and scratches, but they are more aesthetic. Blackout films will completely cover the light while frames add an artistic look to your taillights with creative patterns.

What types of headlight and taillight covers are there?

There are several types of covers for headlights and taillights, and you can choose according the style or need of your vehicle. They are listed below:

  • Films: Uncut films are applied to car lights in the same way as window tint films. They can be colored or clear and provide protection to the surface of your lights. These films are provided in rolls and must be heat-treated or adhered to your vehicle and then cut to the correct size.
  • Pre-cut films: These films are cut to the exact dimensions of your Impala’s headlights or taillights. They can be simpler to install for the DIYer who wants to install the covers themselves.
  • Plastic: Plastic covers are fitted over the OEM parts on your vehicle. They provide added protection from breakage and scratches.
  • Chrome: These light covers are plastic covers with chrome accents and framing to add more style to your Impala’s look.
How do you install covers on Impalas lights?

Installation of light covers is available as a service at many auto window tinting companies. In the case of uncut films applied to the outside of your Impala’s lights or plastic covers, it is often best to let trained professionals perform the installation. However, some cover kits like pre-cut films can be easier to install by a skilled DIYer without needing a great deal of experience and expertise. Follow the instructions provided.