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Identifying the right light covers for a Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Whether you broke your current set of tail light or headlight covers on your Monte Carlo or you are looking to upgrade the style of your look, here are a few easy tips for finding compatible light parts to use on your Chevrolet vehicle. Always keep in mind which other models that the brand might be compatible with because it might not always market that way. 

What Sizes Do I Need for Replacement Covers?

When looking light replacement light covers and bezels for your Monte Carlo look for specs like the model year, what other models that year had the same size and shape of headlight, and know the laws in your state regarding blackout effects. You dont want to purchase a cover you cant use on your vehicle. Also consider purchasing additional protective items that do not come with the vehicle straight out of the factory.

  • Style - Monte Carlo SS GTS Smoke Acrylic headlight covers for 1983-1988 models and tail light covers blend into the overall look of the car and give it a classic effect.
  • Compatible model years - a light cover that fits a Monte Carlo made between 1995-1999 also will fit a Lumina made between 1995-2000. GT Styling headlight covers will fit either model of vehicle.
  • Additional protection - You can further protect the cleanliness of your headlights by adding GTS wind deflectors.

What Other Brand Options Are Available to Protect Your Monte Carlo Lights?

There are many other brands that make covers compatible with a Monte Carlo headlight or tail light. This is especially useful for older model vehicles where manufacturer replacement parts are hard to find or are no longer in production. Keep these in mind as options when searching for a good fitting alternative cover to show off on your car for competition or for protection from everyday wear and tear.

  • Ventshade is a branded product from Lund International that makes protective parts like light covers for older model vehicles including the Ventshade itself that they invented. 
  • Wade Headlight Pro-Beam specializes in headlight covers that you can customize with designs like flames wrapping around your headlights. Each cover is made with a tough, durable, composite construction to protect your vehicle for us in competition, show, or off-road only.
  • WeatherTech LampGard protection films for headlights and tail lights provide easy style and coverage protection for your existing headlights and tail lights by preventing cracks and scratches caused by road debris. 

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