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Chevrolet Tahoe Headlight Tail Light Covers

Due to their location on a vehicle, headlights are at risk for damage. Headlight covers, however, could minimize the risk of damage since they present a barrier that defends a light against cracks and damages. With the right headlight and taillight covers fastened in place, having to do repairs or replace parts may become avoidable.

What are taillight and headlight covers made from?

The materials used to make taillight and headlight covers vary by brand and model. In many cases, they are constructed of strong polymer or ABS plastic. The purpose of molding the light covers with these materials is to provide durability. Taillight and headlight covers should not crack or suffer damage easily since vehicle owners get them specifically to protect lights from harm.

What styles and tints of covers can you purchase?

The look and style of headlight covers arent uniform. Depending on the brand, there could be various tints available. However, most light covers are available in either black, clear, or smoke. Clear headlights are somewhat see-through while black often presents a glossy look that some car owners prefer. Smoke covers add a unique tint that bridges the gap between black and clear.

What materials affix the taillight or headlight covers in place?

The answer depends on the particular light covers being purchased. One offering of taillight covers may be set in place through the use of tape. However, another manufacturers taillight covers could be set with a special static cling system. A hook and loop system is yet another way the light covers may be installed on the vehicle. This system also supports easy removal when desired.

An adhesive material may also be used to put the headlight or taillight covers into position on a car. Adhesive materials sometimes are referred to as semi-permanent materials. This would be due to the adhesives ability to strongly affix head light or tail light covers in place on a vehicle. In most cases, car owners must take specific measures to remove adhesive materials.

Can you paint the headlight covers?

Yes. However, you should only paint over specific models of covers that allow for it. This is generally specified on the packaging. By painting the headlight covers, you can make the new parts blend in and match the finish and style of your car or truck. The paint should not affect the necessary durability of the light covers material.