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Headlights for BMW 645Ci

Whether you simply need to replace your factory headlights or want to improve the safety or aesthetics of your BMW 645Ci, there are several options. Although their purpose is functionality and safety, as a BMW 6 series owner, you can choose to upgrade your headlamps to give your vehicle a certain look. Some options include factory headlamps, LED lights, plasma glow lights, and custom headlamps.

How do you shop for BMW headlamps?

When shopping for headlamps for your BMW, you want to do so with your needs and wants in mind. You should make your purchase carefully to ensure you get what you need for your vehicle and achieve the look you want. Considerations include:

  • Brand and type: Start your shopping by looking for the available headlamps and accessories that are made for your BMW 645Ci. If you select the wrong vehicle type or model, the light or accessory may not fit or work with your car.
  • Goals: What are you trying to achieve with a replacement headlamp? Is the entire piece in need of replacing? Is there a certain look or brightness you want to achieve? Is safety a high priority for you in selecting headlamps?
How do you clean BMW headlamps?

At a certain point, you will find that your BMW needs to have its headlamps cleaned in addition to the normal washing that you do for your entire car. You can have them professionally cleaned or you can get some supplies and clean them yourself. One way to clean your BMW headlamps is with a polishing compound kit. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Supplies: Gather sandpaper between 600 and 2500 grit, polishing compound, water, mild detergent, masking tape, car wax, and a cloth.
  • Prepare: Use the masking tape to cover the surfaces adjacent to your headlamp. The mask will protect your vehicle from the abrasives in the polishing compound. You may also want to put on gloves if your skin is sensitive.
  • Wash: Use the cloth and mild detergent to wash your lights well. Then rinse with water.
  • Polish: With a new cloth, apply the polishing compound in small, circular motions. Spend at least five minutes per light to work the compound around properly.
  • Wet sand: If they still need work, wet your sandpaper in cool water and rub each headlamp. Keep the sandpaper wet at all times and use a back-and-forth motion. You can repeat this step with multiple grit sandpapers, working from smallest to largest numbers.
  • Rinse and wax: When you are finished, rinse with water. Your final step is to wax or seal. This will protect your headlamps in the future.
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