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BMW 750Li Headlights

The BMW 750Li is a full-size luxury sedan known for its extended wheel base, high horsepower, turbo engine, and pleasing design. Headlights are a critical component on your BMW vehicle, allowing you to see at night, in low-visibility, and in foggy weather. Headlights are available in a variety of styles, colors, bulb types, and brightness levels to choose from, that fits both your cars needs and your aesthetic preferences.

What technology do BMW 7 Series headlights use?

The BMW 750Li utilizes Adaptive Headlight technology, which increases the effectiveness of the headlights. With this technology, sensors in the car measure the steering angle, speed, and the degree of rotation around the vertical axis of the vehicle while it is in motion. This information is then transferred to small motors that turns and directs the headlights. This keeps the headlights positioned on the road and helps to guide the car around turns when it is moving forward. These motors get deactivated when the emergency brake is engaged, or the car is in reverse, preventing oncoming drivers from being blinded.

How do you install headlights on a BMW 7 Series?

Because of the specific technology utilized on the 750Li sedan, be sure that you purchase compatible parts to maintain this functionality.

Open up the hood of your vehicle to gain access to the headlight assemblies. Locate the assemblies in each of the front corners of the vehicle and remove any screws and clips that are holding it in place. Be sure to disconnect any wiring that is connecting the current headlights to the BMW. When the housing is disconnected, remove it and carefully remove the bulb that needs to be replaced. Install the new bulb into the sock, reconnect the wiring, and secure the headlight housing back in place. Turn on the headlights to be sure that the new ones work correctly.

What types of headlights are available for a BMW sedan?
  • LED: LED bulbs are becoming more common on BMW 7 Series sedans. These lights are highly efficient and can produce extremely bright light with only a small bulb. They also provide a unique appearance and are often used for aesthetic purposes.
  • HID: HID, or high intensity discharge lights provide an efficient option and are able to produce bright lighting. The headlights utilize xenon gas and provide light through the use of two electrodes contained in a xenon-filled, sealed bulb.
  • Halogen: Halogen lights are common and have been used on many cars for a number of years. These bulbs produce light through a tungsten filament enclosed in an airtight bulb that is heated to a high temperature until it lights up.