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BMW X3 Headlights

Whether your BMW is all-new from the factory or youre looking into aftermarket BMW X3 headlights and accessories, there is no doubt that the headlights are features that are iconic to BMWs. Before replacing the headlights, there are several things any BMW owner should know.

What should you do when your BMW headlights dont work?

Depending on the exact problem, there are several possible fixes to the issue of BMW X3 headlights malfunctioning. While narrowing the problem will help with possible solutions, some things to look into are as follows:

  • Check that no bulbs are burned out.
  • Check the fuse box in the BMWs interior to make sure no fuses are burned out.
What should you check if your BMW headlights stay on?

While vehicle headlights arent the most technically advanced parts of the vehicle, there are still several points where they can stop working properly. If your SUVs headlights will not turn off, the quickest solution is to simply disconnect the car battery. This will keep the headlights from draining the battery while the engine is off, but it will also mean that youre unable to drive the car while the battery is disconnected. If you need to leave the engine running but still want to turn the headlights off until you can get the problem fixed, another simple solution is to locate and pull the correct fuse.

How do you remove BMW X3 headlights?

For standard BMW X3 headlights, removing them is a straightforward process. Consult your BMW owners manual for any questions that you may have during the replacement. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Open the hood and carefully remove the light cover on the drivers side of the X3.
  • Find the seat of the old bulb and gently pull to remove it from the bulb seating.
  • Replace the bulb, reinstall, and move to the passenger side.
  • Move the window washing tank to the side by loosening the hex bolt on top of the tank.
  • Follow the same instructions from the drivers side to replace the passengers side bulb.
What are common problems with BMW X3 headlights?

It will often become quickly apparent when headlights are malfunctioning in a vehicle. Unfortunately, there are usually several different ways in which even standard headlights will stop working. Sometimes, the high beams will go out. Sometimes, its the low beams. Other times, the lights may not come on at all, and in still other situations, just a single light will function.