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Chevrolet Cobalt Headlights

Drive safely in low-visibility conditions with a pair of sturdy and powerful Chevrolet Cobalt headlights. Choose between brightness levels, different sizes, and lighting types to customize the front end of your Chevrolet Cobalt vehicle model.

Which headlamps fit the Cobalt coupe?

Body style, such as sedan or coupe, doesnt indicate headlamp compatibility. Instead, go with the Chevrolet Cobalts model year. This information typically appears within each headlamps product title and/or its descriptions. There may also be a graph that lets you confirm a potential headlamps compatibility.

What bulb sizes fit the Chevrolet Cobalt?

Chevrolet Cobalt bulb sizes vary depending on your model year. Typically, youll find this information in your Chevrolet owners manual. Most generations of the Chevrolet Cobalt utilize an HB5, or a 9007, in the headlamp assembly.

HB5 contains two filaments, so it provides high and low beams from a single bulb. This means you only have to change a single headlamp bulb per assembly when its time to replace or upgrade.

What is a viable conversion kit?

A conversion kit lets you use another type of illumination within your Chevrolet Cobalt headlamp assembly, which is designed to support halogen headlights. With a compatible conversion kit, you can outfit your Chevrolet to support light-emitting diode, labeled as LED, or xenon high-intensity discharge, labeled HID.

As opposed to filaments, LED emits seamless illumination owing to small diodes mounted on substrates. LED also emits more lumens per watts, so its very bright, energy-saving, and economical. Xenon HID uses a noble gas and tungsten electrodes to create bright white-to-crystal-blue illumination.

What does 153000LM 6000K mean?

These two groups of numbers and letters respectively indicate brightness and color temperature. The "LM" stands for lumens. Lumens denote amounts of illumination emitted per second. Lumens for Chevrolet headlights range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Higher lumens mean brighter headlights.

"K" in 6000K is short for Kelvin, a thermodynamic unit of measurement. As the color temperature gets higher, the bulb’s color changes from yellow tones to blue and white tones. Color temperature gives you an idea of how a headlight color looks in real life without your having to actually see it in person.

Headlight color temperatures span 4000K to 10000K with 5000K to 9000K being average.

What styles of headlights for Chevrolet Cobalt are there?

Styles for the Cobalt come and go seasonally, but a handful remain prevalent from year to year, such as:

  • Euro: Aerodynamically shaped
  • Halo: Looks like angelic coronas or illuminated eyes when seen head-on
  • Factory: Identical to original Chevy headlamps
  • Projector: Includes U-shaped reflective housing to emit focused beams
  • Custom: Special features, such as smoked or tinted housing and lenses