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Headlights for Jeep Liberty

Many different styles of headlights can be found for the Jeep Liberty SUV, including individualized, factory, projector, fog lights, and daytime running lights. Each style serves a slightly different purpose and includes important differences. Cleaning your Jeep Liberty headlights regularly will help to increase visibility and keep them as effective as possible while you drive.

What are qualities of individualized headlights?

Jeep individualized headlights offer options in terms of lens and bezel colors. Bezels can be found in varying metallic shades as well as matte black. They can also be found in a variety of thicknesses. Lenses come in clear as well as varying shades of grey. These options allow Jeep Liberty owners to choose which combination suits their aesthetic taste.

What are factory style headlights?

Liberty factory headlights are typically a combination of a relatively thin, lightly colored bezel with a clear lens. They come in several different shapes and silhouettes based on the particular model year of the Jeep Liberty. Factory headlights offer a standardized look with maximum visibility.

What are the features of projector headlights?

Jeep projector headlights are designed to focus light in front of the vehicle so that it shines particularly brightly and illuminates terrain further away than normal. This can be conducive to driving in inclement weather, haze, or at night. Liberty DRL bar headlights utilize a bar at the top of the light to cast a bright beam, while halo models use a ring around the center to achieve the same effect.

What types of bulbs can be used with Jeep headlights?

LED, halogen, and incandescent bulbs can be used to power Liberty headlights. LED bulbs are relatively small, energy efficient, and long lasting. Halogen bulbs have a capsule in the middle that houses a filament; they burn especially white, bright light. Incandescent bulbs burn slightly more yellow than white and are often thought of as the iconic lightbulb.

How do you clean Jeep headlights?

Jeep headlights can be cleaned by mixing a solution of warm water and soap together without any excess chemicals or bleach. Apply the mixture to headlights with a soft sponge or cloth and rub until they are free of debris. Rinse them with clean water and dry them with a soft cloth. If there are hard water spots on your headlights, feel free to create a paste by mixing one part vinegar with three parts baking powder. Apply the paste directly to the headlights and wait until it dries. Rinse the paste off; the spots should disappear with it.