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Headlights for your Mercury Marauder

During the night, or when the trail is not clear due to fog or dust, chances of traffic accidents are usually high. Headlights are important for safety on the roads. The headlight assembly comprises of the lens, reflectors and the bulbs. You can choose from the range of Mercury Marauder headlight kits offered by eBay sellers. These parts are sold in pairs, one for the passengers side and the other for the drivers side. They meet and exceed OEM specifications and are a direct replacement not requiring any modification on your car.

What type of Marauder headlights are available?

Headlamps, just like tail or rear lamps, can be of different types depending on a variety of factors. For one, the housing comes in different colors such as black, red, amber, green or blue. Some have halo configurations while others do not. They also vary in the style of housing and the types of light produced by the bulb.

Based on the housing, you can choose between reflector or projector lamps:

  • Reflectors - Reflector headlamps have the bulb contained in a steel bowl. The chrome painting on the sides of the housing reflects the light out on the road but not too far away. The light here is also not focused and can be blinding when the light produced has a high intensity.
  • Projectors - Projector headlights have their structure similar but they also include a lens acting as a magnifying glass which increases the brightness of the beam. A cut-off shield is also featured to regulate the intensity of the light.

Based on the type of light produced by the bulb, you can also have halogen, HID/Xenon or LED headlights for your Marauder.

  • Halogen - Halogen bulbs feature little glass tubes which are vacuum sealed. They contain a filament and halogen gas. This is the older type of bulb. They provide a yellowish kind of light.
  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) or Xenon - Compared to halogen bulbs, these are more recent. They use Xenon gas in place of halogen to produce a crispy white/bluish intense illumination.
  • LEDs - Headlights with LEDs are the latest kind. They use light-emitting diodes to convert the electricity in your vehicle into lighting. This makes them significantly more efficient than the Halogen and HID.

What are high and low beams in headlights?

  • High beam - These provide intense center-weighted distribution of light and have no control over the glare. Due to this, headlights with this beam are meant to be used in low traffic when there are no other vehicles.
  • Low beam - Offers light distribution that is forward and lateral. This lighting is more controlled and you can, therefore, use it in high-traffic areas and in the city without causing any trouble.

How do I improve the performance of the headlights?

To get the most out of the aftermarket headlamps, it is crucial to take good care of them as much as you do other vehicle parts. You can do the following every once in a while for improved performance:

  • Assess the headlights and do a replacement of the bulbs regularly. By upgrading the bulb in the lights to better ones, you improve the visibility and general performance.
  • Clean and polish the lens of the headlamp. This is because they can become clouded with dust, reducing their effectiveness.
  • Have the headlights checked up every once in a while by a professional to assess for any damages that may require a replacement.

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