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Headlights for Mercury Mountaineer

Drive safely after dark with replacement headlights for your Mercury Mountaineer. Each light is engineered to work with the electrical system in your vehicle, ensuring efficient performance and easy installation. Choose from a wide variety of lights for your SUV, from energy-saving LED units to classic halogen bulbs.

What are LED lights?

These lights use energy-efficient, light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. These lights are a favorite as they use a small amount of electricity and they last for a long time. They also produce a small amount of heat. Since these units are engineered to fit in the connectors of your Mercury Mountaineer, you can use them to replace the original lights.

What are Xenon HID lights?

Xenon HID lights, which are compatible with the Mountaineer, feature a rather unique design. These lights use electricity and xenon gas to produce light. The reaction creates a brilliant, bright glow that allows for high-visibility driving at night. Xenon HID lights are efficient and long-lasting, so you can go for a while before replacing them. Most HID bulbs come with installation instructions for quick mounting in your vehicle.

What are some other bulb types for Mercury Mountaineer lights?

Lights that are compatible with the Mountaineer come in a variety of lamp styles. In most cases, you can choose any bulb type for your vehicle. In addition to LED and Xenon HID bulbs there are:

  • Halogen: Traditional lights that use a tungsten filament and halogen gas.
  • CCFL: Cold cathode fluorescent lights create a smooth, halo-like glow
What is a Mercury light switch?

A light switch enables you to control the lights in your SUV. The switch transmits an electrical signal to the lights, so you can turn them on or off. If your switch is faulty, you can purchase a replacement.

How do you choose lights for a Mercury Mountaineer?

Lights for the Mercury Mountaineer come in a wide range of bulb types, brightness levels, and color ratings. The huge variety can make it challenging to select the correct model for your Mercury. Use these steps to narrow down the available options.

  • Choose vehicle placement: Select a left light, right light, or a pair of lights.
  • Choose a bulb: LED, CCFL, halogen, Xenon, are a few types to choose from.
  • Select a type: OEM or aftermarket, both work equally as well as long as they are specified compatible with your particular Mountaineer.
  • Select a color: White, amber, blue, and more can be found.
  • Verify compatibility: Check that the light is compatible with your Mercury model, year, and trim.