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Headlights for Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius Headlights

Whether you drive the classic hybrid vehicle of the plug-in Prius Prime, the Prius from Toyota is all about mpg. Drive your Toyota Prius with confidence at night or at times of low visibility using the headlights on your car; peruse different bulb types, housing, and color temperatures to suit your tastes and vehicle. The following five questions and answers shed light, so to speak, on the wide array of headlights for the Toyota Prius hybrid and electric vehicles.

What is an LED H8 H9 H11 conversion kit?

Conversion kits let you change your hybrid Toyotas existing headlight bulb to an entirely new type. Said kit converts a halogen bulb to an LED, or light-emitting diode. LEDs produce light via the recombination of electron and electron holes after electricity comes into contact with a two-lead semiconductor.

H8, H9, and H11 are nominal-power bulbs used in headlights and other applications. They are different sizes and are not interchangeable, yet they share a similar base. As a result, if your existing headlight bulb is H8, H9, or H11, this kit should work for your hybrid vehicle.

What other bulbs can you choose from?

Technologies become available and vanish periodically, but there are a few bulb types whose dependability endure:

  • Halogen: A glass bulb encasing a smaller quartz bulb filled with halogen and a tungsten filament
  • Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Light (CCFL): A bulb with an interior phosphor coating that glows
  • Xenon: A light source derived from electricity arcing between two tungsten electrodes
  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID): Similar to xenon, except the electrodes are closer together
What Toyota bulb sizes can you get for the Prius?

Industry-standard sizes of every Toyota hybrid headlight bulb are generally available. Its important, though, that you replace your existing Toyota headlight bulb with the same bulb type and size. There may be some variations between the standard, Base, and Touring edition vehicles, as well as for the various model years. As explained above, you can only switch bulbs using a conversion kit. The following is a list of bulb sizes:

  • H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H13
  • D2R, D2S, 880
  • HB1, HB3, HB4, HB5
  • 9003, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9008
What is the optimal bright color temperature for Prius?

Headlight color temperatures range from 4500K to 7000K, with 6000K being average. This range corresponds to natural daylight, with undertones that verge on very white and light blue at the higher end of the spectrum. This higher end appears brighter to some eyes, but the crystalline undertones may account for this. Keep this in mind when shopping for headlights for your Prius sedan or hatchback.

Gauge bulb brightness using lumens. Bulbs emitting 5,000 to 8,000 are sufficient for driving even in poor weather or darkness. Most Toyota Prius headlights put out 12,000 to 20,000 lumens, with average color temperatures of 5000K to 6000K.

Why do you need ballasts with HID xenon?

A ballast provides the initial spark that arcs between tungsten electrodes within a xenon HID bulb. The ballast and the xenon gas, or metal salts, intensify the emitted light while reducing energy consumption. Without the ballast, your Toyotas xenon HID bulbs would burn out within hours.

You may or may not need to get a ballast if you intend to convert your Prius lights to xenon HID, but you need a ballast to use xenon HID.