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Make Television Viewing More Enjoyable with a Projection Screen

Make every seat the best seat in the house with a home projection screen. There are a variety of screens available to make finding the right one for you quick and easy, and youu001all find that large selection of quality screens available for purchase on eBay.

Are manual projection screens or electric projection screens better?

Manual screens are pull-down screens you have to operate by hand. A problem that people often experience with manual screens is that they dont know when to stop pulling on the screen, and they end up pulling the screen farther than it is meant to be pulled. Electric screens stop at exactly the right length every time and often have a very high-quality rolling mechanism in them to ensure that they can handle being rolled up and down frequently.

What are the different types of screens to consider?
  • Mounted projection screens: Mounted screens are screens that are fixed in a stationary position and that do not move at all.
  • Manual projection screens: Manual screens are screens that are operated by hand. There is often a cord or a handle that is used to pull and to retract the screen as needed.
  • Electric projection screens: Electric screens are screens that are electronically operated. You can push a button on the screen or on a remote that causes it to lift and lower.
  • Inflatable projection screens: Inflatable screens are used outside typically. There are some inflatable screens that have to be blown up manually and some that come with a blower that can be used to inflate them.
What should you look for when buying a projection screen?

Before purchasing a screen, take measurements of the wall or area where you plan to use it. This ensures that you choose a screen that fits into the space nicely. You need to decide whether you want to mount the screen or not. You can purchase tripod stands for projection screens if you live in a home that doesnt allow things to be mounted to the walls. Consider whether or not you want to manually operate the screen as well.

How do you determine the size of screen to buy?

When choosing the screen that is right for your home, you need to look at the specifications for the exact projector you plan to use in the space. The projector specifications tell you how far away the screen needs to be from the lines for optimal projection. Then, you can determine how large the screen needs to be based on the distance the projector will be from it.

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