Hopalong Cassidy

Finding Hopalong Vintage Toys and Collectables

For lovers of old-time Hollywood westerns, Hopalong Cassidy will need little introduction. He was a fictional character originating in the early 1900's that became the subject of short stories, books, comics, movies, television, music, and radio. Called Hopalong, or Hoppy, because he had a wooden leg, this cowboy hero has inspired a great deal of merchandise, an amusement park, and museum exhibits over the years.

What Types of Hopalong Cassidy Toys Were Made?

Thousands of different types of products and toys have come out with Hopalong images and branding. Now collectible vintage and antiques, some of these include: 

  • Games: You can kick back in your own saloon with Hoppy playing cards, dominos, cereal trading cards and jigsaw puzzles. And, of course, what set of western toys would be complete without pistols, guns, and holsters to pretend to play with. 
  • Ornaments: For the western themed man-cave you can find cutouts of Bill Boyd's standing image on table toppers or molded figurines. Create your own Bar 20 ranch set up with Hopalong Cassidy table lamps, wall clocks, and alarm clocks or piggy-banks to save your pennies.
  • Stationery:  You will find vintage pencil cases to store all your bits and pieces. Philatelists may enjoy a series of stamps commemorating early TV characters that the US Postage service released in 2009 that included Hopalong Cassidy. 
  • What Types of Other Hoppy Merchandise Is There?

Whether you are a B Westerns movie fan in general or were a Hopalong Cassidy kid, the range of products featuring Boyd as Hoppy also includes:

  • Movie and television memorabilia: For the movie and TV buffs out there, you will find movie posters featuring images of the actor who played Hoppy, William Boyd with or without his white horse, Topper.
  • Books and Comics: For literature lovers, look for the original Hopalong Cassidy novels and short stories that the movie and character were based on, all from Clarence Mulford. You'll find Hoppy was a little more rough-talking in print than the clean-cut image he wore for the screen.
  • DVD Sets and Collections: Curated collections of William Boyd's Hopalong Cassidy films and the half-hour television series have also released over the years.
  • Clothing: Playing dress-ups or feeling nostalgic about what you wore as a kid? Look for the silver-haired hero on sweaters, t-shirts, skirts, shirts, jackets, and pants and top your western swag off with a replica black hat.
  • Dinnerware: Kids were well covered with merchandise from the 1950's that encouraged them to eat up and eat well. There are Hop-Along and Boyd images on a range of eatery items such plates, lunch boxes, cutlery, thermos flasks, mugs, candy containers and cookie jars. 
  • Accessories and Jewelry: For the subtle touch look for buttons, badges, bracelet charms, watches, rings, and pendants.

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