Huggie Earrings & Studs for Men

Huggie Earrings and Studs for Men

Huggie earrings and studs for men have a design that is snug on the ear and is created to have an unpolluted aesthetic that is more minimal. The general foundation of the hoop earrings is that of a post that goes through the piercing hole, with a larger section starting on the portion of the earring that touches the ear on either side. The hoop earrings are created to have classy nuances for men to wear every day or for special occasions.

What materials are Huggie hoop earrings made of?

Like any piercing jewelry that is worn, the earrings are available in many different materials. Most of the earrings are made of one of the following:

  • Copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Gold
  • Rose gold
  • Surgical steel
  • Sterling silver
Do the earrings and studs come with any extra features?

The mens earrings and studs are available with a variety of extra design features. Aside from the gold metals available, earrings can also be found with dangling, charm portions on the hoop that have plenty of movement. Some of the hoop earrings have integrated rhinestones while others have genuine diamonds embedded into the hoop or capped ends on the studs. Some of the accessories also have filigree and others have colored crystals that range in shades from black to pink. The variety of decorative fashion features allow a broad range of hoop styles to be available and changed out.

How do you know if these will fit existing piercings?

As a general rule, most earlobe piercings are done anywhere between an 18 gauge and 22 gauge, which equates to about 1.02 millimeters and .64 millimeters. Therefore, the post on most of the hoop or stud earrings are designed to fit into an existing piercing. If you are not sure if your gauge fits within the normal ranges, you can contact the location where you received the piercing to see if the establishment has any records of what size your piercing is for the jewelry item.

Can these earrings only be worn in earlobe piercings?

These earrings are typically designed to be able to accommodate any type of ear piercing instead of just the earlobe for a variety of looks and styles. This may impact how tightly it fits against the ear or how well the post fits your piercings gauge. Multiple earrings can also be used with one another for someone who wants to create a bolder look. These earrings are not designed for other body piercings.

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