Humphrey Visual Field Analyzers

A Quick Guide to Humphrey Visual Field Analyzers

When a new patient visits your optometry clinic, youll want to check their field of vision before you do anything else. A Humphrey visual field analyzer is an essential piece of equipment that lets you check for blind spots and the various conditions that cause them. Unless you want to perform a confrontation test for every client, you need a reliable analyzer that gives results you can trust, and on eBay, you will find affordable Humphrey VFAs.

How to choose the right Humphrey visual field analyzer model

ZEISS has released many different models of Humphrey visual field analyzers over the years. Although every one of these analyzers is capable of performing a Humphrey visual field test, each model contains different testing patterns and operating software to make your job easier.

Humphrey visual field analyzers can be identified by the model number. Models with similar numbers have many of the same features; the 745 is just an upgraded version of the 740. Since the model numbers go in order of development, 600 models are older than devices in the 800 line, and so a 600 model may be a more inexpensive visual field analyzer. At the same time, the 800 line features a touch screen and updated operating software, including the SITA Faster 24-2 threshold test.

How can you tell if a Humphrey visual field analyzer is in good condition?

Used visual field analyzers are computers and theyre subject to the same kind of wear and tear. Most eBay listings will note if the analyzer is in working condition or if it is being sold for parts.

Some visual field analyzers have minor errors that occur when the device is booting up. These errors dont always mean that the machine is unusable, but they might get in the way while you are conducting blind spot tests.

If possible, you should also inspect the sellers photos to determine the condition of the case, the screen, and the pad where patients rest their chins or foreheads. Large cracks or dents in the case could signify damage to the computer inside the analyzer. Minor cosmetic defects wont interfere with the accuracy of the test.

What are some of the features a Humphrey VFA might include?

Each new Humphrey visual field analyzer includes features that improve upon the last models design. When youre shopping, consider how well the following features meet your needs:

  • Test bank: Analyzers in the same model line typically feature the same bank of visual field tests. The 800 line, also called the Humphrey VFA III, comes with updated tests and can import legacy data from older systems.
  • Video eye monitoring: Models from the 700 line and upward include video eye monitoring, which lets you check the placement of the patients eye in real time.
  • Display: The oldest Humphrey analyzers feature a black and white display screen. The 800 line has a full-color touch screen display.
  • Printing capability: Most Humphrey analyzers can connect to an external printer, but the 720 model actually comes with a printer already built in. More recent analyzers include Wi-Fi printing and may even connect to ZEISSs online database.
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