Ideal Protein

Give Your Body the Protein Boost it Craves With a Delicious Ideal Protein Drink

When you're on the go and running out of steam, you may want a healthy protein drink to keep you going, especially when you consider that it is recommended you eat between 46 and 56 grams per day depending on whether you’re a man or a woman. Having a convenient supplemental source helps promote good health. An Ideal Protein drink is an excellent way to supply your body with a healthy protein boost and they are available at an affordable price on eBay. 

Does Ideal Protein come premixed or in powder form?

You can actually browse eBay to find a number of different ways to purchase the Ideal Protein drink. There are a variety of prepackaged powder mixes, plus various quantities of 12-ounce bottles. Here are some options for buying Ideal Protein Drink.  

  • 12-ounce bottles: This is a premixed shake available by the dozen in two six-pack packages.
  • 16.9-ounce bottles: These are available in various flavors, premixed, and in four, eight, and twelve pack quantities.
  • Powder mix: You can purchase Ideal protein on eBay in powder form. The most common package is a 7-pack of powder. Each packet makes a 12-ounce Ideal Protein drink. There are also larger options with multiple 7-pack boxes of powder.

Are there different flavors of the Ideal Protein Drink?

There are 17 different flavors of Ideal Protein. You can choose both basic vanilla and chocolate, including a cappuccino flavor. You can also pick from eight assorted fruit flavors or select an exotic blend like the Ideal Protein blueberry cranberry pomegranate drink mix. There are other delicious flavors such as:  

  • Lemon Matcha Green Tea
  • Hibiscus and Watermelon Flavored Drink Mix
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Wildberry Yogurt
  • Peach and Mango

Does an Ideal Protein drink have a lot of calories?

One important thing to consider when adding protein to your diet is how many extra calories you are getting as a result of the additional protein. Ideal Protein is a 20-gram source of quick protein with only 3-grams of fat in a 120-calorie shake.

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