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Power When it is Needed: Inverters

Owning a portable inverter generator is the perfect way to ensure your energy needs are filled whether you are in your home or on the move. An inverter generator supplies energy by converting DC voltage to AC voltage and making energy available to power a device. The amount of energy collected and dispensed varies depending on the inverter generator used.

What types of inverters are available on eBay?

There are a number of options available to provide the energy your inverter will convert.

Gasoline is often the fuel of choice for many homeowners who use inverter generators for their emergency energy needs. A gasoline inverter generator is relatively inexpensive and convenient to use.

Propane is a second option for powering your affordable portable inverter generator. Propane does not degrade when stored and may be a superior option to gasoline for you if you do not plan to use your inverter very often.

An inverter generator with electric storage capability uses a battery to capture and store energy from your home's electricity when it exists. When there is a shortage of energy, the electricity previously stored by the inverter is available as AC voltage.

What you need to know about your inverter

Keep a few factors in mind as you shop for an inverter.

Power consumption - It is important to have a good idea of your power consumption needs before deciding on an inverter generator. Your inverter will not power your entire house all day so you need to know what the energy needs are for your indispensable appliances when you have no power.

Know your appliances - Inverters can power objects with large energy needs like air conditioners and refrigerators. However, these items are outfitted with compressors that possess large energy needs. You will need a large inverter, or one specifically designed for these objects.

VA rating - Do not confuse VA rating with the watts used by devices in your home. VA rating is the apparent power of the inverter and is produced by the current and voltage supplied by the inverter.

What brands of new and used inverters are available?

Honda - Honda inverters are coveted for their ability to produce high-quality power output while remaining small and lightweight. Honda inverters also score high marks for fuel efficiency and do not cause excessive noise.

Champion - Champion is a well-respected name in the inverter industry and produces a variety of inverters to fit the needs of customers. The best-reviewed inverters from Champion range between 3000 and 4000 watts.

Pulsar - Pulsar has proven to be equally adept at producing inverters with sufficient power for home use and others that are perfect for portable use. Inverters from Pulsar are easy to use, durable, and relatively inexpensive to other inverters on the market.