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James Avery Jewelry

James Avery Jewelry is a company offering crafted jewelry designs featuring gemstones, sterling silver, 14k, 18k, and white and yellow gold for men and women. The company creates cross collections and fine jewelry sets plus necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches, bracelets, and charms. The company manufactures and designs all of their jewelry pieces.

How do you properly store your sterling silver jewelry?

Keep your sterling silver pieces completely dry as water can dull the jewelry. Store them in a tarnish-proof cloth or in a lined box specifically for sterling silver jewelry that keeps it away from air exposure. You'll also want to keep the jewelry away from light to help preserve it. Make sure your sterling silver never touches any rubber items because the sulfur within the rubber could cause it to tarnish.

How do you care for your leather jewelry?

From sterling silver birthstone charms on a leather bracelet to a hand-carved gold cross on a leather cord, James Avery Jewelry manufactures various leather jewelry pieces. The following simple instructions help maintain your leather jewelry:

  • Remove your leather bracelets, rings, and other pieces when bathing or swimming in a pool with chlorinated water.
  • Avoid contact with aerosols and chemical dips, which could damage or cause discoloration to your leather.
  • Avoid perspiration damage by taking off your leather pieces when engaged in a strenuous activity.
  • Store your leather pieces separately in a soft flannel bag for extra protection.
How do you determine your ring size?

A ring that fits correctly should slide over your knuckle and feel snug enough to keep in place when your hand moves but also feel loose enough for comfort. The width of the band is also an important factor to consider when you are being sized for a ring. Generally, a tapered ring will fit your regular size. If a ring has a band of one-quarter inch or wider, go up half a size.

How do you clean your gold jewelry?

Use a soft, flexible chamois cloth to polish your 18k and 14k gold pieces. If the jewelry displays some tarnishing, use a mixture of water and soap to eliminate the tarnish. Use a small, soft-bristle brush to apply this mixture on your piece of jewelry. After, rinse the jewelry with warm water and let it dry. If you want to dry the piece with a cloth, use one that is specifically made for karat gold jewelry.