Jewelry Tools

Jewelry tools

Jewelry making is a creative and satisfying pastime that many crafters enjoy. A broad variety of jewelry making tools can be used to make rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins and brooches. Different tools are required for working with various materials such as metal, glass, beads, pearls, and precious stones.

What are some common jewelry making tools?
  • Pliers: Jewelry makers use numerous types of pliers to create their projects. Some options include needle nose, snipe nose, round nose, flat nose and half round pliers.
  • Tweezers: Beads and jewelry findings can be fussy and hard to hold onto. Tweezers give you some extra help with handling the tiny bits you need to work with when completing your jewelry making projects.
  • Wire cutters: While you can sometimes use ordinary scissors for cutting wire, they arent the most elegant solution. Wire cutters are much better suited to this purpose. Theyre likelier to give you a clean, smooth, precise cut in the exact spot you need it.
  • Mandrels: A mandrel is a round object you can use for shaping your metal jewelry. A ring mandrel is the ideal size for use when shaping a metal ring. Larger ones work well for shaping metal bangle bracelets.
  • Tool kits: A tool kit is a convenient way to acquire many of the jewelry making supplies you need to get started with this craft.
What tools should you use for making metal rings?

Some common metalworking tools you can use for making rings and other metal jewelry include mandrels, torches, a torch lighter, a soldering iron, saws, files, tongs, mallets, and polish wheels. Optional supplies include precious stones, semi-precious stones, and flux. Sandpaper is helpful for the finishing details.

What tools should you use for making wire jewelry?

Youll need a variety of jewelry making tools and supplies for creating wire jewelry. Tool kits can provide a fantastic selection of the tools youll need. Wire is the most important item to have on hand. You could use colored copper craft wire, sterling silver wire or a broad variety of other wire types. Wire cutters are essential tools for making wire jewelry.

If you want to incorporate wire wrapping techniques into your project, its ideal to have stones, pendants, focal beads, briolettes, or other baubles to use for wrapping. Pliers, semi-flush cutters, and pinch bails are helpful to have when you work on wire wrapping with these items.

What tools should you use for repairing watches?

Watch batteries and watch battery kits are the most frequently needed supplies for repairing watches. Battery testers are also helpful to have on hand. Other commonly used watch repair tools include spring bar tools, screwdrivers, watch gaskets, link pin removers, pliers, and vices.

What tools are needed for making a necklace longer?

There are a variety of jewelry tools and methods you could use for making a necklace longer. One simple method requires the owner to use long needle-nose pliers and some jump rings. Simply use the pliers to open up the jump rings and add them to the end of your chain. Add as many jump rings as it takes to achieve the necklace length you need.