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Darkroom Photography Equipment

Kodak is the leading brand when it comes to all things related to photography. Whether its print production or the actual equipment, Kodak manufactures quality equipment that is sure to produce top notch photos. When using actual film for your photography, having a darkroom that is fully equipped with the right kind of supplies will help you efficiently process your film.

What Are the Types of Photography Clips?

  • Clips. Clips are for smaller film, usually for cameras. These can also work for hanging and drying out already processed photos. 
  • Hangers. Hangers use stainless steel and are for larger sheet films such as x-rays. 

What Are Other Supplies That Are Needed in a Darkroom for Developing Your Film?

  • Enlarger. An enlarger helps create a photograph from the negatives or film from your camera. It enlarges the images onto photographic paper.
  • Enlarger Timer. A timer is extremely important when developing your film as certain film requires different processing time. You set it to get the correct amount of time and exposure so that your photographs aren't either too light or dark. There are manual timers that you have to turn on and off yourself but there are also automatic timers which are helpful for automatically shutting off the enlarger. 
  • Easel. The easel holds the photographic printing paper while you expose it. There are quick easels that have predetermined sizing for the photos and bladed easels that allow you to choose your own sizing. 
  • Safelight. You use a safelight for a few reasons. First to be able to see in your dark room. It also provides a light that is safe to use, that won't damage your film or exposure for your photographs. There are two types of safelights, amber and red. 
  • Printing Tongs. These help guide your photographic paper through the processing solutions. Because you use various chemicals to develop your prints, these can be harmful to your skin and tongs are necessary to complete your work.
  • Processing Trays. Processing trays hold the processing solutions. In general, you have four trays, one for the developer, one for the stop bath, one for the fixer, and one for the washer. 
  • Photographic Paper. You should only use this special paper in a darkroom, as it is sensitive to light. This paper helps transfer your film images to create your photographs.
  • Processing Chemicals and Supplies. There are a variety of graduates, bottles, and funnels you use to mix your processing solutions and store your chemicals. There are also thermometers to measure the temperature of the solutions you mix. Additionally, there is a print squeegee that should be for wiping off excess water and solution before hanging your photo to dry for the suggested time.