Get Style and Comfort with LA Gear Women's Shoes

L.A. Gear Women's Shoes

Anyone who wanted style and comfort in the 1980s and 1990s looked to LA Gear high-top sneakers. This brand became a way of life for teenage girls, creating a sharp demand from those wanting to fit in.

LA Gear also had a host of celebrity endorsements to help perpetuate the brand appeal. These included:

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Karl Malone
  • Hakeem Olajuwon
  • Joe Montana
  • Michael Jackson
  • Paula Abdul

What made LA Gear tennis shoes stand out?

While LA gear was the third largest shoe company in the United States by 1990, running behind Nike and Reebok, it was never the performance shoe that pushed sales forward.

Rather, it was the combination of the flashy and shiny designs that caught people's attention. Combine that with the comfort of the LA trainers for women, the market loved these shoes. No longer was the choice between style and comfort. LA Gear allowed young women to express their style while still being comfortable.

L.A. Gear Women's Shoes

The style alone was much different from the rest of the market. LA Gear shoes used vibrant colors, often in neon tones, and embellished some styles with studs. This gave LA Gear a unique corner of the market at the time.

How do LA Gear vintage-style sneakers fit and feel?

LA Gear currently offers two lines of LA trainers for women. The first is a throwback to the LA Lights shoe, which lights up in the heel as you walk. Most women who try these on find they are true to size, and bring back the comfort of the 90's women's shoes.

The second style is the T-Raww Runners. These are memory foam running shoes that are perfect for urban and suburban walking and running. These are generally true to size, though they are a bit snug, as are nearly all running shoes. See the manufacturer site for details.

Are LA Gear shoes worth the hype?

At the time, LA Gear shoes were the only shoe to have if you were an adolescent girl and wanted to be accepted by the in-crowd. As time went on, the company diversified, offering its shoes in lower-end retailers than it started as it sought to expand its market share.

The quality of the shoe never let up, continuing to offer comfort and style while they were in demand. However, as demand waned for the unique style of the brand, they scaled back their product line.

L.A. Gear Women's Shoes

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