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LG G4 32GB Smartphones

Power Your Mobile Lifestyle with 32GB Smartphones

The smartphone has become an integral part of life in the Internet Age. You stay in contact with family who are leagues away, yet it takes only a few seconds at the simple press of a button. You can oversee your finances, set up dates, and basically manage your life with such a ubiquitous yet extremely complex device.

What Is the LG G4?

  • Manufacturer: The G4 is a 2015 flagship smartphone designed by LG Electronics. It is the successor to the G3 and launched in the same year but six months prior to the V10. Critical reception of the device was mostly positive, while critics complain that it seems to be more of a power user device.
  • Performance Suite: The phone platform has a six-core CPU that runs four cores at 1.4 GHz and the other two cores at 1.8 GHz for making quick work of light processing loads. The phone is only available in a 32 GB setup with 3 GB of RAM for proficiency in multitasking and multi-process operations. One of the aspects that make this phone ideal for media lovers is the capability to increase the data storage capacity by using microSD cards of up to 256 GB. The phone has a 1440p display covered by the tempered glass, with the removable battery powering and lighting up all those pixels.
  • Design Elements: The plastic and glass construction reduces weight while providing texture. The removable backs are available in leather, ceramic, and brushed finishes. The leather especially increases the amount of grip of the device. The back is curved inward to the display so that it fits naturally in the palm but does not flex. The 16 MP back camera sits on top of the power and volume rockers at the back of the phone, making the sides of the device smooth.

What Are the Software Features of the G4?

  • Android Skin: The UI is a flavor of Android on top of Android 5.5.1 or 7.0 Nougat when upgraded. The display takes advantage of the large battery capacity by using many colorful but tasteful design elements like icons and menus.
  • Camera Software: The camera has been lauded for its proficient use of laser focusing technology to make picture-taking a breeze. The app is able to focus near-instantly after tapping the viewfinder and you are able to use different shooting modes for the freedom to take the sharp photos.

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