Protectores de teclado del ordenador portátil para ASUS

A Buyer's Guide to Choosing Laptop Keyboard Protectors for ASUS

Keyboard protectors for laptop computers offer protection against liquid spills and the infiltration of dust or hair and other debris that can get between and around the keys. The protectors are designed to fit around and over specific keyboard models. There are many styles and features for laptop keyboard protectors for ASUS computers.

What are some of the features of the keyboard covers?
  • Slim profile: The protector has a thickness of 0.1mm to 1mm, allowing the keys to retain their full range of motion when you push them.
  • Transparency: Some of the protectors for laptop keys allow you to see the letter, number, and character markings on the keys.
  • Washable: The protectors can be washed with warm, soapy water in order to remove oils, residue, dust, crumbs, and hair.
  • Separate molded keys: The keyboard protectors are made with separate molded areas that fit around each key on the laptop's keyboard.
  • Color-coded: Some of the keyboard covers have color-coded molded keys to facilitate the proper placement of your fingers on the keyboard for typing.
What are the available colors for covers for laptop covers?

The keyboard covers are available in transparent materials such as silicone that allow you to see the keys through the cover. You can also select translucent silicone covers in colors like purple, aqua, yellow, pink, and green. There are also matte or solid colors available, including red, pink, blue, and black. Some of the covers are available with multicolor designs, including watermelons, rainbows, and hearts.

What are the available materials for keyboard protectors?
  • Silicone: Silicone is a flexible material that is derived from polymers of silicon and oxygen. It forms a gel that is formed and molded into the desired shape.
  • Polycarbonate: This rigid material clips or snaps into place on the laptop's keyboard.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU): This material is elastic, transparent, and nonporous.
Which types of ASUS keyboards are compatible with the covers?

Some of these keyboard covers are designed for specific models of computers. To know if your computer is compatible with the cover, measure the computer's length and width in inches. Also, consider the placement of the keys on the computer. The covers may fit multiple computer models, and the model number can be found on the bottom of the computer or in the system's settings within the control panel. You can also measure the length and width of your keyboard. Get each measurement in inch units. The keyboard covers are sized for 12-inch to 16-inch keyboards in a variety of configurations.

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