Power Adapters for Dell Laptops

A power adapter is required if you want to charge your laptop. There are various power adapter chargers for Dell laptops. As with most chargers, you will have to plug them into an electric outlet with a cord and wait a couple of hours to charge your laptop battery.

Are Dell laptop chargers compatible with all models?

Dell laptop chargers are universal in most cases. If you are looking at a charger that works with an Inspiron laptop, it will likely work with other Inspiron models. To make sure, check your motherboard model to see how much power (watt and voltage) is required before you plug in the cable. Some AC adapter manufacturers will have a list of models they support or repair, so you'll need to look for that information, as it may not be advertised up-front.

Do adapters power the laptop or just recharge its battery?

An AC adapter does both. It will serve as the AC energy source if the battery is full. If the battery is not fully charged, it will start to do so when you plug the power cord in. If the battery is missing or does not work anymore, the adapter can be used to keep your laptop running.

How do you know if the adapter is working properly?

To begin, make sure certain that the plug is securely placed in an electrical outlet. An adapter with a loose plug will not work properly. Once plugged in, most laptops will indicate that there is an energy source connected and that the battery is charging. There is usually a notification on the bottom right corner. If you didn't get the notification or missed it, you can still click on the power icon on the bottom right to see if it is charging properly.

Is it normal for the adapter to get hot?

It's normal for the AC adapter to get quite warm when in use. It may get a little warmer than usual when running intensive tasks like software and games. If you find that it's getting extremely hot, it is advised that you remove the unit you're using. After you remove the unit for some time, test it again with normal use to check if it's safe for use. If you find that it's getting very hot again, it may be time to replace the unit altogether.